Member Management
 Credit Unions

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution

CRM software for credit unions needs to be more than contact management because your business is built on using multiple data systems. Be more productive by leveraging one system to manage your entire business.

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Increase Credit Union Membership

Credit unions need to be proactive with their marketing. Using an integrated system that connects your website and Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can spread awareness about your credit union and product offerings. This means that your credit union can generate leads and create targeted marketing campaigns.

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Single Customer View

In order to find new customers, build relationships, and sell more you need to better understand your customers. This begins with a single view of the customer. Our solution pulls data from your banking system, your marketing systems, your special projects databases, etc. to present a single source for all of your customer data. You can then target based on specific queries, and then target via: calling lists, text messaging, email, letter mail, web posts, social media. All information coming back is integrated back into the single view.

Grow Your Share of Wallet

Once you have a single customer view, you're able to grow your share of wallet by offering targeted products and services. When a customer comes into the branch, your tellers will be prompted with suggestions for up-sell and cross-selling opportunities.  

For example, if you know a customer was approved for a mortgage you can offer them mortgage insurance, or even a personal loan to cover home renovations.  

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Customer Onboarding 

You get a single chance to make a good impression. To turn your newest customers into loyal advocates by onboarding them using sophisticated marketing automation. You can create an automated welcome campaign aimed at nurturing your newest customers, while also assigning follow ups based on customer interactions.

Our Track Record with Credit Unions

CRM training for administrators

We have a history of successfully implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365. As a result, we continue to tailor functional CRM systems for financial services across the globe. In addition to basic implementation, our services have included multi-point data mapping, aggregating data, implementing custom workflows, reporting, dashboards and much more. Our clients work in investment management, credit unions, insurance and banking. While our solutions may differ from client to client, our main focus is to configure a functional system that works for you.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing and Pricing

We can get you started for as low as $12 (CAN) per user for basic access, with the average cost being $115 (CAN) per user. There are many opportunities to have discounted pricing based on the number of users. Contact us for more details and a customized quote. 

John Doe UI/UX Designer

It is my opinion that anyone and everyone considering the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution should consider the services of CRM Dynamics. They have the experience and people who will make sure your CRM project is a success. CRM Dynamics not only gets the technology inside and out, they understand business, and that’s critical.

Bruna Barbosa, Strategy Consultant