Our Project Implementation Process

We follow a derivative of the Microsoft Sure Step Implementation methodology. We’re 100% focused on successful Microsoft Dynamics  365 CRM implementations. While we integrate with ERP and other systems, we don’t implement other systems. We believe that this focus is essential to success.


To start the process of creating your CRM solution we must first identify what is your “business pain.” Essentially we want to know what problem you are looking to fix with implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Using structured questions, we will identify the best approach to implementing your solution and make recommendations based on our expert experience. The simple and basic features chosen will be based on the individual needs of your business. Once these details have been discussed we will be able to create a fixed quote which is based on the scope of the project.

High Level Design

Understanding your business process is essential in designing a solution that works the right way for you. We will conduct interviews and ask probing questions to reveal underlying processes, tools and platforms that are currently used.

In a meeting, we will discuss the findings and begin planning your CRM solution with you. Our industry experience allows us to make recommendations based on previous successes. The high level design will include a summary of what is to be implemented and diagrams that will define what is included in the detail design.

Detail Design

With the high level design as the guide, the detail design will be the roadmap by which the developers create your solution. Automations, key reports, data migrations will be identified and defined in this step.

At this point we will be able to walk you through screenshots, displaying exactly how your CRM will appear when it’s completed. After your sign-off, our developers will begin working on the behind-the-scenes functionality that was defined.


Our team of expert developers and system architects will begin working on pieces of your CRM functionality. They will strategically develop individual pieces of your CRM, and systematically test them to ensure continuity.

We will meet with you weekly to update you on the development and answer any questions you may have at this point.


As the developers create pieces of your CRM, they are rigorously tested to ensure that the pieces work well individually and together in the testing environment. We also perform QA testing to catch any errors or missing functionality in the testing environment. Before we make your CRM solution available to you, we will have you test out the implemented functionalities so that we can be sure they perform as expected.


Included in our service to you as you Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner, we offer extensive online or in-person training. Adoption is one of the largest hurdles of implementing a CRM and we want to ensure that your entire team has a good understanding of how your CRM works. You can choose between our train-the-trainer or group training options. We will be sure to include training materials, process documentation and videos.


After training, we will “go-live” with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. This will enable your integration points and allow data to flow into the CRM. At this point we will do some preliminary testing and liaise with you to ensure that everything is working as expected. Your business can begin to use the CRM system applying the skills and techniques learned in the training sessions.


CRM Dynamics wants to ensure that your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution works for you. Every one of our clients is entitled to a 30-day bug fix warranty, should an unforeseen error occur. We offer coaching, to make sure that you are getting the full benefit from your CRM. Additional functionality and support available to you for an additional cost.

Project Management

  • Project Process
  • Regular scheduled project meetings
  • Weekly progress report against plan
  • Internal Project Management System
  • Assignments
  • Dockets
  • Weekly reporting
  • Ongoing analysis of dockets vs. assignment and project phase
  • Project Planning
  • MS Project for large projects

Team Skillsets

  • Strategy/Architecture Consultants
  • CRM/PM Consultants
  • System Analysts
  • Developers
  • QA
  • CRM Support
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Digital Marketing Consultants