Event Details

  • Date: March XX, 2020
  • Time: 9:30 AM or 1:30 PM (2 hour session) 
  • Microsoft Technology Center,  1950 Meadowvale Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5N 8L9
  • Room: TBD  
  • This is a free workshop and space is limited, please register today to secure your spot

This is a two-hour workshop being held at the Microsoft Technology Center in Mississauga, Ontario.

In this session you will learn how we examine your data to unlock the hidden story it is trying to tell you.

Your competitive advantage is trapped in your company's data. This workshop will explain why and how examining your data in a structured way will give you company a competitive edge with the power of Customer Insights. 

Share your top 3 (three) business pain points your company is trying to solve or areas of concern in the business, in this workshop we could help you uncover the best possible solutions to resolve your challenges.

About the Workshop

This executive workshop on Customer Insights will take place at Microsoft Technology Center in Mississauga, Ontario is free and brought to you by CRM Dynamics, one of the largest Canadian Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM partners and 2019 Microsoft Impact Award Winner, as well as a member of Microsoft InnerCircle, representing the Top 1% of Microsoft's Global Network of Partners for Business Applications for 2019/2020.

Why do you need to attend and what's in it for you? 

This workshop is the first of three stages to embark in Customer Insights Experience with  
AI (Artificial Intelligence). In this session you will learn:

  • LEVERAGE AI (Artificial Intelligence): You will get the First hand knowledge on Customer Insights solutions where we leverage AI to find patterns in your data that represents hidden opportunities and presents actionable steps for increased business through an automated customer handling path.

  • 360° CUSTOMER DATA PLATFORM (CDP): You will have the opportunity to learn AI's ability to analyse and present consolidated, meaningful information by customer that you can take action on. So you can focus on the best opportunities and the rest can be managed by business intelligence reporting powered by AI.


  • TAKE ACTION: The consolidated information from AI will help you balance your team resources to drive actions in your organization to optimize your opportunities and increase market share. 

1st Phase: Executive Workshop - A complimentary 2-hour session at the Microsoft Technology Center where you will get first-hand knowledge from industry experts and learn how we leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find patterns in your data that represent hidden opportunities and present actionable steps for increased business through an automated customer handling path. 

2nd Phase: CHECK-UP Session - This is a two-day, paid session ($4,500)
This workshop is a hands-on learning experience, where you and your key team members will collaborate with us to assess your environment and develop a plan for implementation of Customer Insights that includes data sources, matching criteria, resources and data unification of up to 3 sources. UAT/POC

3rd Phase: Implementation - Following the results from your CHECK-UP session, now you are ready to expand and take the journey into Customer Insights. We will prepare a sow for your customised implementation plan. Your plan may include the following:

  • Behavioral, transactional, and demographic data about your customers is retrieved and stored securely in the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights platform, wherever your data, and in whatever format, we will assess its value and identify the sources that make the most impact to your organization.

  • Transform your data into Customer 360° Profiles First -- all the data sources are mapped to the Common Data Model: a standardized, modular, extensible schema. We then use Microsoft’s proprietary built-in machine learning capabilities to match sources on a variety of critical dimensions and find the hidden links that uncover each unique customer. Ultimately the data is merged together resulting in a unified Customer 360° profile for each unique person in your datasets. We help you create a searchable, filterable index of all your customers and provide you with a Power BI dashboard that connects to this data for further exploration and discovery.

  • Create a better Customer Experience to better understand customer motivations, we build segments using any available dimensions of the 360° profile and help drive growth within these by implementing a Flow connector, sending data to a system of engagement; PowerApps connectors, providing access to citizen developers; or a Power BI dashboard, using analytics and machine learning to discover segments and opportunities previously hidden. Our Data & AI team then provides a brief roadmap for unlocking even more value, through machine learning and AI-powered insights.

Ares of focus for your customised Implementation plan:

1.Initial configuration of Sandbox and Production environment.

2.Connectivity to up to 3 data sources, natively through Customer Insights where available.

3.Unified Customer Profile for specific business (Map, Match, Merge) - Unify all data sources into Customer 360° profiles and define the mapping of customer data sets.

4.Segments and Measures - Define what are the KPIs for your organization company wide and customer level.
5.Azure Machine Learning and AI-powered Insights.

Workshop Leaders

Rob Triggs

VP Sales and Marketing
CRM Dynamics

Neil Hobson


CRM Dynamics


Rob has more than two decades of experience in the information technology space, working with Xerox, Soft Choice and now CRM Dynamics. He has been recognized as a results oriented sales leader and direct selling consultant with significant experience in guiding companies through the rapidly changing sales & marketing landscape. A runner, positive leader, and true believer in “practice what you preach” values, Rob has a proven track record in helping architect sales and marketing effectiveness solutions. In the session ‘Are you Ready for Marketing Automation,’ Rob will take the participants through the journey of digital transformation and how it will affect the sales and marketing landscape in an organization. He will also share some of the techniques and insights that CRMD uses to help its clients stand out from the crowd in 

a competitive marketplace through his “Smarketing” marketing automation initiative.

Neil has 20 years of experience in software design and development  including 4 years as a member of the CRM Dynamics team. In the past he has designed and led the development of data integration solutions with various ERP’s and CRM’s while also leading the customer service and support team through project delivery, support and continuous improvement at CRM Dynamics.

  • Senior architect on CRM solution responsible for all student application correspondence for one of Canada’s largest colleges. Senior architect on CRM solution for major financial institution enabling single view of all customer products, sales opportunities.
  • Senior architect for CRM solution to manage company’s on site fleet technicians.  Includes scheduling, work queue, and financials. Lead technical resource on CRM deployment for a large telecommunications company.
  • Solution handled sales opportunities and forecasting models.
  • Technical architect on a CRM solution handling all intake / quoting for a major Canadian insurance company.

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