D365 Booking Portal can help Educational institutions better serve their community

The move towards a digital education space was already happening before the global shutdown due to COVID-19. However, the pandemic has expedited that process and it requires that educational institutions make changes to better serve their community in these times.

That is the case for all schools everywhere, whether they are in the Higher Educational, Secondary or Elementary space.

Technology can help, especially as it relates to effective scheduling. It is likely that there will be mandated distancing regulations in many jurisdictions for quite some time and even where classes can operate as they were before, some students and parents will elect to maintain stricter requirements.

Our D365 Booking Portal is a proven option that will allow your school to offer solutions, without losing any of the personal touches that the education space requires.

Here are some ways that D365 Booking Portal can help Educational Institutions operate in a digital environment.

  1. Staggered classroom access
    Although classrooms will be available, they may not be able to be filled to capacity. With the same number of students to serve, there will need to be a way to stagger access to the physical classroom for students. Our portal will provide students and parents with the flexibility of choosing what days and times work for them and to directly book those times at their convenience. Schools will be able to know when to expect students to be physically present and will avoid the headache of having to work around the individual needs of each student – the onus of picking times is shifted to the family and away from the school.
  2. Teacher/instructor tutoring availability
    With much of the learning being shifted to online classrooms, it has become necessary to efficiently schedule teacher/instructor’s one-on-one time with students. Getting assistance may no longer be as easy as putting your hand up or showing up at designated office hours. Rather, it will need to be coordinated between the two parties and our portal can make that a painless experience. Students will be able to pick a time that works for them from a grid of available times and the teacher/instructor can set aside dedicated times that fit their schedule. The student and teacher/instructor will receive confirmation, and everything can be linked to your Outlook calendar to avoid missing appointments.
  3. Allocating resources
    Understanding the need for a Hybrid Education model, where the mix of online lectures and hands-on learning are a necessity (eg: Science labs) there will be specialized equipment that students will need to reserve to complete their work. Depending on age and experience, students might need things like microscopes or limited textbooks, while others may need access to art supplies, recreational facilities and physical education equipment. Whatever the need, our booking portal can help make sure the right equipment is in the right hands at the right time.
  4. Preparing for the future
    Many of these changes are being pushed upon schools now, but the reality is that attitudes and needs were already shifting before this public health crisis forced the hand of educational institutions. So, even when restrictions are limited and schools can operate in the way that they did previously, it may not make sense to do so. Many of the advantages of our booking portal will remain relevant and beneficial moving forward.

D365 Booking Portal has been implemented successfully in multiple industries and as leaders in the Education space, CRM Dynamics has the expertise to help your school make these needed changes. We utilize design accelerators to offer our portal at a lower cost and faster implementation than our competitors.

Don’t get left behind and book a demo of this powerful product that has been designed to help Educational Institutions evolve and better serve students in this digital age.

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