Dynamics 365 Chat

Dynamics 365 Chat

It is now more important than ever to exceed your customers high expectations of service. The Dynamics 365 Chat from CRM Dynamics an HSO Company will increase sales, simplify customer experiences and deliver value at every touch point.

Benefits of the Dynamics 365 Chat

  • Increase your sales leads. Often the most influential factor in why a customer chooses a supplier is simply that they were the first to get back to them with a quote. With our Dynamics 365 Chat feature you can be assured that your sales people are ready and available to respond fast and first!
  • Interact with customers on their terms. The Dynamic 365 chat feature sits on your website and offers 24/7/365 response to customers’ inquiries.
  • Create a single, consistent service experience for your customers, even if their case is transferred between agents or across channels.
  • Intelligently route cases by topic or channel. Automatically assign cases to the agent best equipped to resolve them.
  • Quickly search and share knowledge base articles to further aid customers finding solutions.
  • Resolve cases faster with cross-company collaboration and easily connect agents with subject matter experts in your company.

Personalize Your Sales & Service

With 360-degree customer views.


Pre-Chat Survey

A pre-chat survey can be configured to appear before the chat session starts and enables up to 5 questions. These captured details can be used to locate records and display results.

Seamless D365 Integration

New customers can be created as sales leads or records in Dynamics 365.  Agents can also search for existing records to link the conversation with.

Pre-Defined Responses

Agents can make smarter recommendations and quickly respond to frequently asked  questions using pre-defined messages. 

Sentiment Intelligence

Agents can improve customer engagement using sentiment intelligence and conversation analysis.

Agent Scripts

Agents can follow a prescribed series of steps to complete an interaction with a customer.  

Agent Supervisor Role

Manage agents’ presence, capacity and assignments. Monitor other agents’ conversations and join in when needed.  

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