​​Dynamics Association Blueprint (DAB)

 Test Drive Introduction

We offer a free ‘TestDrive’ of our DAB solution that gives you an overview understanding of our product and how it can help your business.

If you follow the steps below which typically takes 30 minutes from start to finish, we believe you will be convinced that DAB is the right solution for your organization!

Here are the scenarios we walk you through in the 30 minute Test Drive, but after that you are free to ‘off road’ (try what you like) as much as you want.

Test Drive Scenarios and Steps:

Note: You can also watch this video which walks you through the steps – pause the video or rewind at any time to follow along:

<URL Link to Video>

  • Go to the web portal, and make a donation. The email you enter will automatically receive a donation receipt, and your information will automatically save to the CRM system. (5 min.)

Link to portal: https://DABTestDrivePortal.microsoftcrmportals.com

You can make the donation as an anonymous donor, but if you enter an email address then a receipt will be automatically sent to this email address and the information you enter will save to CRM.

  • Password (you can copy and paste): dab@word1
  • You should now see the home screen that looks like this:

<include screen shot>

  • Click on “DAB”, then “Contact”

<include screen shot>

  • Search for the email that you entered in the portal. <screen shot>
  • Double-click on any field to open the record <screen shot>
  • Scroll down to “payments”, and double click the receipt record. <screen shot>
  • You can see the payment details, and even view the receipt and resend if you wish <screen shot>
  • Now, go to “Marketing”, and click on “Campaigns” <screen shot>
  • Select Campaign “First Email for Spring Drive” <screen shot>
  • Review the list of recipients – you should see your contact in the list. <screen shot>
 Press “Send Campaign”. You will receive the spring campaign email within 10 to 30 minutes. <screen shot of sending, then screen shot of the email the person receives>

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