Discover how the Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution (MRSs) can help your Business

Together, LinkedIn and Microsoft have created the most compelling offer of its kind – the Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution (MRSs).
MRSs is designed to empower your sales team to have a more personalized and valuable interaction with prospects and customers. The solution combines the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator giving your business the ability to facilitate relationships at every step of the sales process and the ability to build relationships with the right decision-makers and influencers.

The value of Microsoft Relationship Sales for salespeople lies not in its integration of social data into Dynamics, but in the fact that it provides direct access to the vast amount and granularity of LinkedIn business relationship data. With Dynamics 365 for sales, users have already been able to combine Office 365 with their sales software and other Microsoft applications and services, including Power BI. However, LinkedIn access affords sales staff the capability to track down prospects, discover promising new opportunities, and build productive relationships to a new level.

The solution can deliver the following real-world benefits:

  • Access LinkedIn professional profiles to better understand their current customers and identify new leads.
  • AI-created recommendations for preferred actions based on data from e-mails, Dynamics, and LinkedIn.
  • Notifications regarding buyer relationship status based on engagement levels.
  • Updates on lead or contact status changes such as promotions or changes in roles.

Utilizing MRSs allows sales professionals to resolve many challenges they are faced with every day. Through MRSs, sales professionals can build relationships with the right people, provide insights and recommendations, and engage at scale with prospects and customers. All crucial parts to improving workflow efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. For more information about our Microsoft Relationship Sales solution, speak with one of our in-house MRSs expert.