Dynamics 365 Field Service: Updates We Saw in 2021!

This year Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 applications saw many improvements through the 2021 Release Plan. At CRMD-HSO we in particular gained experience in the Dynamics 365 Field Service application through client work and other endeavours! Here’s a look into what we learned, and what we hope to dig deeper into for the new year.

First and foremost, the Dynamics 365 Field Service application is an industry leader in field service management applications, and it allows companies to transform their service operations by connecting people and places. This year’s updates focused on simplifying the application and scheduling experiences for both the customer and organization, as well as enhanced knowledge management.

The updates can be categorized into three different themes: Frontline Workers, End-Customers, and Service Operations.

Frontline workers got their first take on the Field Service Mobile App this year. With upgraded usability enhancements and Windows 10 support the Mobile App proved to be a major player in boosting productivity and connectivity with the in office & front-line staff. Next month, we will start to see general availability for enhanced collaboration tools. Front-line workers will have enhanced collaboration throughout the entire work order lifecycle which will be embedded with Microsoft Teams as a bonus.

Customer Service is of the utmost importance for many organizations in the industry, and Microsoft is enhancing features to make the customer experience that much better. By creating a new customer experience home page where customers can self-schedule service visits, customers can schedule on their own terms with confidence.

In October we saw major enhancements for Service Operations within the application. Particularly, upgrades in the Work Orders– giving new and improved capabilities to users upon release. This included some simplification on the Forms and the Ribbon, while prioritizing the most important features and bringing them front and center.

Keep your eye out in January 2022 as the final push of updates are released for wave 2. If you’d like to see any of these updates in action, speak to one of our experts about a demo today.