Dynamics 365 integration with Office 365 — A winning combination

One of the great advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration with Microsoft Office 365 – We like to call it the Microsoft advantage and you can take full advantage of integrating all of your business software into a single system, D365. 

Here are 4 examples of how Dynamics 365 integrates with Office 365: 

1. Microsoft Excel and Dynamics 365 

One of the great things about Excel is that most people have experience using it. That eliminates a lot of the learning curve and allows for your staff to be more productive. However, Excel has its limitations, especially when there is a need to update large amounts of records. This is where Dynamics 365 comes in. With full Excel integration you can simply drop your Excel files into Dynamics 365 and then take advantage of the full Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities.  

2. Microsoft Word and Dynamics 365 

With 82% of businesses using Microsoft business software, Word is easily the most used word processing program in the world. So, it stands to reason that Dynamics 365 has been designed to work interchangeably with Office 365. 

If you are looking to create a professional looking document, you can simply use the Microsoft Word templates. This will allow you to design the document as if you were using Word. 

You don’t have to waste time creating a new document every time you are dealing with similar records. Also, data can be merged into a word template to help summarize the data into a report. 

3. Outlook and Dynamics 365 

The Dynamics 365 platform also integrates with Outlook, the world’s most popular mail program. 

You can track your emails and view information about sales activities from within Outlook Calendar. This allows you to track meetings and customer appointments. 

Additionally, you can create new Dynamics 365 records from Outlook and create activity lists in response to emails which are automatically scheduled as tasks and added to the customer record. 

4. SharePoint and Dynamics 365 

SharePoint is a tool that helps with maintaining storage space. When integrated with Dynamics 365, you save database space and reduce your overall storage costs. 

Like other Microsoft business products, SharePoint is fully integrated into Dynamics 365.  This allows you to automatically attach documents to the customer’s record for easy access in managing the file.  

On its own, Dynamics 365 is a powerful business tool that can help drive your success. With D365 integration with Office 365, those advantages are even greater!  

Talk to us today about how these powerful Microsoft products can help your business thrive!  

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