Dynamics Association Blueprint

As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, our association & constituent management solution will provide you with a Blueprint for success.

Built within Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics Association Blueprint is built within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and integrates with many popular accounting systems. This provides a 360 degree view of each member as well as operational control over, Sales, Service, Marketing and Social Engagement Insights.

Grow Membership & Collect More Donations

Spend less time on administrative tasks, like processing payments and updating Excel files, and more time on growing your membership or collecting donations.  Efficiently manage and maintain your member's needs in a fully automated fashion. 

Give Staff the Power to Make Better Decisions

Store all of your data in one system with a unified Microsoft interface. A full view of your member data and finances means greater insight into your associations’ operation. Employees can then better identify inefficiencies and work together to fix them.


Member and Constituent Management 

Your members build their impressions of your company from how you make them feel when they get to interact with you. These interactions will impact how they talk about your company, who they talk to and how much more engagement they are willing to embark on. 

Use Dynamics Association Blueprint to bring all departments and data into one confidentially segregated software system. Improve workflow automation and better connect to your members via social media to track trends and build campaigns.


Event Management

For most events, some common challenges are found during registration, in organizing the flow of bodies through the event space and collecting and managing the data that is derived from the experience.

With help from us, these pain points can be things that only happen at other company’s events. With Dynamics Association Blueprint, you will have all the information about your event in one place and available with one click.


Fundraising & Donor Management

Operation of a successful fundraising campaign provides invaluable service and support to your community. Giving up all your time to organize, manage and grow your membership while raising vital funds to really give back takes a toll on even the most committed groups. Instead, working hard must go hand in hand with working smartly, and Dynamics Association Blueprint gives you that ability.

Dynamics Association Blueprint Features

Member & Constituent Management

Fundraising and Donor Management

Office 365 Integration 

Event Management

Continuing Education

Portal / Member Website

Association Store Front 

Member Directories 

Finance and Performance Reporting

Want to Learn More?

Schedule a demo of our solution with one of Association CRM Experts. 

Why Choose CRM Dynamics?

CRM Dynamic’s vision is to help put our customers in a much better position than they were before they started working with us. We show our customers what can be done with Microsoft technology, and ultimately, work together as partners to provide the best product possible.

 Whether your Association works in the non-profit world, or supports for-profit organizations and professionals, Dynamics Association Blueprint is designed to provide you with more efficient work processes.

Although customizable, Dynamics Association Blueprint is designed to allow for out-of-the-box implementation, thus saving money conscious Associations important resources that can be passed on to their members.  

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