Learn how Dynamics 365 Measures Against Other CRMs

Dynamics 365 VS Salesforce

If you're an SMB or Enterprise size company, you've heard of the two giants Dynamics 365 & Salesforce in the CRM world, and picking the right CRM isn't always easy. Determining to go with either Dynamics or Salesforce, will likely come down to the costs, integration with data, and what systems your company is currently using.

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Why Dynamics:



Office applications, such as Outlook, Word, Excel are integrated out of the box with Microsoft Dynamics  as well as ERP, which elevates your business to the whole new level.

Securely Store &

 Manage Data

Dynamics does not rely on external applications and has its own native modules, which provides accurate and fact-driven reporting. 




Dynamics 365 offers a flexible pricing model, attractive discounts on subsequent purchases.


3 differences between Dynamics 365 & Salesforce

Are you a medium to a large size company? An established CRM software is what you need to help your organization to get into a new level of development. We have highlighted 3 main reasons why Dynamics 365 will be the best option on your way to business evolution.

Dynamics 365 - The CRM you're looking for

With the variety of CRM software options on the market today, choosing the right one can be quite a challenge. Read about the top features of the Dynamics 365 Platform our experts picked to make your choice easier. 

Why are companies choosing Dynamics 365?

In comparison with other CRM competitors, Microsoft makes Dynamics 365 licensing much simpler to understand while offering all the capabilities needed to drive success for all businesses.