Are You Providing the Level of Customer Service Your Customers Expect? 

As technology continues to evolve in 2022, we know that now more than ever, customers expect nothing short of amazing, personalized customer service experiences. 

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The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service app allows you to provide your customer service employees with a platform that gives them any time access to a 360-degree view of customer information. All customer data including previous complaints, purchase history, etc., from various platforms, is all displayed in one simplified system.

Case Management

Automatic Case Creation: Cases can be created based on incoming requests submitted via email, web, phone calls, etc.

Automatic Case Routing: Cases can be assigned to agents or queues according to predefined rules

Reassign a case: Cases can be manually re-assigned cases to other agents

Knowledge Management

Agent Knowledge Base: Agents can create and manage knowledge articles accessed via the Unified Service Desk

Customer Knowledge Base: Customers can create and manage knowledge articles accessed via the customer portal

Knowledge Base Search: Allow agents to access information for quicker case resolution

Analytics and Reporting

Reports and Dashboards: Gain access to KPI information (e.g., total cases, active cases etc.) in configurable dashboards.

Customer Sentiment Analysis: Automate measurement of customer satisfaction levels in real time.

Embedded Intelligence: Provide agents with intelligent recommendations during customer interactions.

Additional Features

Service Level Agreement: Establish a deadline for case resolution and determine whether to escalate.

Omnichannel: Help agents simultaneously manage multiple conversations through different channels such as chat, phone, SMS, etc.

Chatbots: Facilitate the resolution of cases without human interaction.

Customer Voice: Track, collect, and analyze real-time customer feedback.

1:1 Digital Transformation Assessment

Let us help you exceed customer expectations by delivering exceptional service

Investments in Digital Transformation initiatives have immensely increased in the past couple of years. Organizations have pivoted to new business models to support their customers and community.  

Do you have the right foundation of customer service your customers expect?

We’ve teamed up with some of the best in the industry to bring you a digital transformation session. This Digital Transformation session will provide a high-level platform for your business to exchange ideas, best practices, and timely perspectives. During the session, Microsoft's Customer Service Application will be discussed in-depth, and participants will have access to strategies to help generate solution ideas.

A Round Table Event: Unify and Automate your Data

Thank you to all that joined the session!

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