Maintaining effective phone communication while transitioning to a remote workplace

Many organizations are struggling with adjusting to a remote work
environment. This is particularly the case when it comes to maintaining
effective phone communication.  

It may seem like a minor issue – in many ways we take the phone for
granted. However, maintaining effective phone communication isn’t always easy,
especially when you have moved away from the physical infrastructure of an

Our corporate clients with older PBX phone
are currently finding working
from home extremely challenging.  If
their PBX won’t support remote workers, their team members are forced to use
their home phone while hiding their numbers. 
Most people don’t answer calls if they don’t know who it’s from. So,
your efforts to reach clients and potential customers can be frustrating.  

Another issue that is perhaps more significant is losing
access to the corporate IVR and related telephony services.  They may lose Skill-based routing, call
recording, analytics and other features that are critical to effectively
serving customers. 

There is a solution. CRM Dynamics an HSO Company and Solgari have partnered
to offer a full inbound and outbound telephony solution that can help
your team maintain effective phone communication as you transition to a
remote workplace.   Our solution offers:  

  • Full
    inbound and outbound telephony accessible anywhere with an Internet connection
    from your computer, tablet and mobile phone.  
  • It works in conjunction with your existing telephony system or as
    a standalone  
  • Features include IVR, call recording, call reporting, and advanced AI
  • The
    ability to work within dynamics 365
  • If you don’t have dynamics 365, we can deploy customer service
    blueprint within 48 hours  
  • if you don’t have chat, we can deploy chat working from dynamics 365
    within 48 hours  
  • A way to
    reduce call volumes by leveraging self-service portal functionality. 

If you are struggling with adjusting to a remote work environment and
need a solution to get your communications back to where they were, or even
better, reach out to us here.