Employee Spotlight: Product Marketing Lead Jared Teed

Jerad Teed

CRM Dynamics prides itself in the diversity of our staff’s experience. To highlight that, we present the Employee Spotlight.  

This month we learn about our Product Marketing Lead, Jared Teed. 

Read on to find out more about Jared! 


After attending the University of Lethbridge, Jared moved back to Calgary. There he first worked in a SaaS Marketing role and developed an appreciation for the power of Microsoft’s business software. When the opportunity came to move to Toronto to continue his career, Jared jumped at the chance. Highly recommended by Microsoft Canada, he now finds himself at CRM Dynamics where he looks forward to helping us expand our Blueprint solutions.   

What attracted you to Marketing as a career? 

“It’s just something that I’ve naturally always done. Dating back to my time in university when I started in direct sales, I’ve always been drawn to the marketing side of sales. And, I was successful – I eventually ran an entire region of that direct sales company and took that experience and built on it when I started my career.”  

Why did you choose to work in the SaaS field? 

“Like many people that get into Marketing I had dreamed of selling something exciting like Chips or Cola, but the truth is the opportunities in software are vast and once I started working in the field I really started to enjoy helping companies realize the potential of software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 in helping them grow their businesses.”    

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. 

“My wife and I are foodies and run a successful Tumblr that highlights our eating adventures!  

It’s called Oh Kale Try It (ed — read it out loud!) and it is something fun that my wife and I can do together while experiencing the cities that we are in.” 

Anything else? 

“I’m also a huge basketball fan – not really of any one team, but of the sport as a whole. Although it was fun to be in Toronto last year when the Raptors won the NBA Championship and to see how excited the city was.”  

What do you hope to accomplish at CRM Dynamics? 

“Really, just to share my love of the software to prospective clients. I believe in Microsoft’s technology and in our Blueprint solutions. It’s exciting to see what the future will bring!” 

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