Meet Dylan, Marketing Intern

Dylan joined the team at CRM Dynamics for a part of his summer break and is now getting ready to continue his undergraduate degree in Economics at Huron University at Western in London, Ontario. As, part of his last summer off before he completes his degree, Dylan chose to get a taste of corporate life and help the CRMD marketing team!  

Read on to find out more about Dylan: 

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Dylan: I love fashion! I grew up in the Fashion District of Toronto, and I love how it’s such a simple form of self-expression. I enjoy cooking and have enjoyed making meals for myself and others over the last couple years. I also love dancing, which is something I started doing more in university. One of my sets is online, if you can find it! I’m a former hurdler with UofT’s track club, competing throughout high school. It was a tremendous experience, and I got to be surrounded by some of Canada’s best track athletes. I have my black belt in Karate, which I received when I was 11. Oh, I love basketball. It’s like religion for me! 

Do you have a favourite cuisine?
Dylan: Obviously, I am biased. Filipino cuisine is the best because it is influenced by so many cultures, which makes it super unique. I also love Japanese and Korean food; you can never go wrong with that. Italian food is also one of my favourites, I love a bowl of pasta!
How did you learn about CRM Dynamics?  
Dylan: My dad Oliver has been a partner with CRM Dynamics for some time now. I knew of the company well before I started working here in fact, I knew most of the employees’ names as I would help take notes on my way home from my basketball games. So, it almost felt natural when I got the opportunity to intern at CRM Dynamics. And to top it all, I received the call on my Birthday, which was great!  

Why did you pick Economics?
Dylan: After originally selecting Business Management, I started liking my economics courses in my second year. I enjoyed the challenges and the fact that the concepts had some real-world application to it. Economics plays a role in all aspects of business, so that also piqued my interest too. 
What is your ideal career?
Dylan: Although I am taking economics at university, I would love to go into Sales. My dad jokes about it saying, “We like the sound of our own voices, that's why we like being in sales!” This summer, working so closely with the sales team sparked my interest in the field and marketing just complimented it all.  

Who has inspired your career path most in your life?
Dylan: Both my parents have had a huge impact on my career in business. Joining them during workdays and constantly being exposed to the business environment helped kickstart my career path. It also gave me a greater appreciation for how hard they work, and their guidance has led me to all these wonderful opportunities that I have experienced.  
Ideally how do you spend your summers?  
Dylan: Enjoy the sun and the weather! I usually enjoy patios, dinners and get togethers. I love catching up with people I don’t get to see during the school year. Additionally, during the pandemic, I have enjoyed spending time with my family and my labradoodle, Jack.  

What #hashtags best describe your personality? 
Dylan: #fashion #Toronto #social #dance #Filipino
Describe CRMD in 3 words! 
Dylan: Outstanding, Family, and Technology! 
If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing, what would it be?
Dylan: Hair Gel, I can’t go without it. I must have my hair fixed. In fact, it was fun being on the marketing team, where everyone cares about their hair as much as I do!  
What advice do you have for us?  
Dylan: Be in the moment! Be present, love your family and friends. Take every day as a blessing! Protect your mental health, mental health is huge for me! Be a good person, practice what you preach and pay it forward. Take every as a day a lesson don’t get too high and don’t get too low!