Meet Emily, Marketing Intern

Emily joined the team at CRM Dynamics for a part of her summer break and is now getting ready to continue her undergraduate degree in Environment and Business at the University of Waterloo. As part of her last summer off before she completes her 5-year degree, Emily chose to get a taste of corporate life and help the CRMD marketing team!  

Read on to find out more about Emily 

Where are you going back to school and for what program? 
Emily: I am at University of Waterloo and my program is called Environment and Business. It is a relatively new program and honestly, I love it so much because, it is Business school minus all the boring parts replaced with plants and fun theory and all that good stuff!  

What is your ideal career? 
Emily: I am looking to work in HR and Change Management. I like the internal work of companies, so I would really love to take the time and learn more about that and my degree sets me up to bridge the gap between scientists/tree huggers to business/profitability. 
Who has inspired your career path most in your life? 
Emily: The funny thing is, ever since I was younger, because of my Mum and Dad kind of working within small businesses and growing up around it, I was always saying that I never ever want to go to business school. I was dead set on going to school for Biochemistry. I ended up getting into the Bio-Chem program at Waterloo, but last minute I realized I really enjoy the human interaction over sitting in a lab, doing research, and writing reports 24/7. So, I found Business and Environment which is the best of both worlds!  

Ideally how do you spend your summers?  
Emily: I love outdoors but don’t do well in the heat, so if I am going to be honest, I would be in my house probably reading a book. My absolute favourite book of all time is Biomimicry. It is about modeling nature for technological and business processes. 
How did you enjoy working with us through the summer?  
Emily: I loved working with you guys, it was awesome! Again, first taste of corporate life, so it was nice to gain experience at a more relaxed pace.  And if I was not doing this, I would be working as an Art teacher, a job I had during past summers.  

What #hashtags best describe your personality? 
Emily: #greenthumb #Enbus  
Describe CRMD in 3 words! 
Emily: Community, Fascinating and Technology 
If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be? 
Emily: Existentialism!  
What advice do you have for us?  
Emily: The biggest thing is, listen to the younger generation because they have some cool ideas.
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