Employee Spotlight – CRM Consultant Mo Faheem

CRM Dynamics prides itself in the diversity of our staff’s experience. To highlight that, we present the Employee Spotlight.   

This month we learn about one of our many talented CRM Consultants, Mo Faheem.

Read on to find out more about Mo!


Mo graduated from Business School in 1999, in his hometown of Cairo, Egypt but didn’t get his first Tech role until moving to Dubai to become a Web Developer.  He then took that experience and went into a Sales and Marketing position for an advertising company in the UAE.  Through Mo’s early experience he became focused on Marketing within the Technology space in the Middle East. 

At one point, the company he worked for was looking for a CRM and Mo was tasked with being part of the testing and evaluating team.  The team ended up deciding on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and Mo was at the forefront of the training and implementation.  “They taught us everything, business functions, how to implement a large-scale project, do this, don’t do that.”

Through this experience, CRM became Mo’s focus. 

What makes you so passionate about CRM?

“I enjoy thinking up ways that different industries can use CRM to improve their business and service to their clients.  I’ve worked with Non-Profits, Real Estate Brokerages, Medical Suppliers, and Retailers just to name a few.  CRM helps and serves each differently.”

What made you come to Canada?

“In 2018, I was based in Saudi Arabia working in CRM, when my wife decided she wanted to do her Ph.D. in Data Science.  So, we looked for an opportunity abroad and we came to Canada in late 2018.”

And how did you end up at CRM Dynamics?

“I never had this chance back home.  I’ve worked in multiple countries, traveled a lot, and seen a lot, but finding a company focused on CRM – I mean it’s in the name.” 

What do you enjoy most about working here?

“I’ve never had this focus on CRM before.  The Middle East doesn’t value CRM the same way they do here, it’s more Customer-Centric here, as opposed to ERP focused over there.  The CRM business is thriving in North America, the amount of investment in it excites me.” 

So, what is your favourite part of living in Canada so far?

“The outdoors, it’s a totally different place.  The fishing, the hiking, I try to get use of the summer as much as I can.”

What about the winters here?

“Everyone told me how cold I would be during the winter months, but I actually find it quite mild.  I lived in Helsinki for a while and those winters were brutal.  We’re talking -40 to -50 Degrees, with no sun for 3 months.” 

You’ve lived in many different parts of the world, but where is your favourite place to travel to?

“Turkey. It’s the most beautiful place in the world – the food, the people, somehow, it’s like the Middle country, between the east and the west.  A mix of culture and greenery.  The weather is fabulous year long – whenever I fly to anywhere close by, I try to go through Turkey and spend a couple of days there.”

Any other outside interests you’d like to share?

“Not really, I’m pretty lazy (laughs).  I like to walk my Golden Retriever, Angelo (short for Michelangelo).  He’s traveled with me across the world through Egypt, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and now here in Canada.  I love spending time with him.”

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