Equipment dealers need heavy-duty CRM

The equipment dealer channel is anything but simple, that’s why you need a solution tailored for the unique needs of your business. EquipDealerCRM is a complete out-of-the-box solution based on Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM that will turn your sales and marketing teams into a well-oiled machines.

It is my opinion that anyone and everyone considering the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution should consider the services of CRM Dynamics. They have the experience and people who will make sure your CRM project is a success. CRM Dynamics not only gets the technology inside and out, they understand business, and that’s critical.

Bruna Barbosa
Strategy Consultant

Get the right tools

EquipDealerCRM will help your dealership with:

  • Creation of marketing campaigns
  • Opportunity and pipeline management
  • Managing sales territories and sale representatives by line of business
  • Contact management
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Managing Allied projects
  • Mobile-enabling your employees, giving them the information they need on the road
    • Customer View includes open quotes, recent sales, equipment list, rental and maintenance contracts
    • Service View includes maintenance contracts and open work orders
    • Equipment View includes sales and maintenance history and the ability to view specific work orders
  • Mobile service management, including managing changes to work orders and capture customer signatures for rapid invoicing and improved cash cycle

EquipDealerCRM can integrate with any ERP and we have out-of-the-box integration for several industry specific solutions.