CRM Software for
 Financial Services


CRM software for financial services needs to be more than contact management because your business is built on using multiple data systems.

Be more productive by leveraging one system to manage your entire business.

The CRM Software You Need

A trusted name in business for years, Microsoft has the ideal product for your financial service’s needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is unlike any other CRM system. It is designed to be a flexible CRM software for financial services. After all, your business isn't one-size fits all, and your CRM shouldn’t be either. Choose implementation partner like CRM Dynamics, and gain a tailored solution that works for your insurance company, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, financial planners and credit unions.

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Company-Wide Solution

Another reason to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 is because it is an enterprise class solution without the enterprise class price. This means that every employee in your company can use the system. Each user’s permissions are managed , so that they only see what they need to and get their job done.

Expand the offerings to other departments in your business by adding additional features and functionality, such as Sales, Customer Service, Financials, Marketing, Operations, Field Service, and Project Service Automation!

Single Customer View

When you add Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your financial services business, you gain a single customer view. The customers we have helped went from logging into multiple software systems, to only logging into Microsoft Dynamics 365 to see all the information associated with a single customer. As a result, your system will function using a single touch-point for all your data.

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Tailored Workflows

Identify and create workflows to
manage business activities automatically in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Management Visibility

Create and manage reports based
on multiple data sources in a
single location.

Remote Worker Access

Get on-the-go access for mobile agents or field workers and get up-to-date data anywhere your employees are.

Our Track Record in Financial Services

CRM training for administrators

We have a history of successfully implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365. As a result, we continue to tailor functional CRM systems for financial services across the globe. In addition to basic implementation, our services have included multi-point data mapping, aggregating data, implementing custom workflows, reporting, dashboards and much more. Our clients work in investment management, credit unions, insurance and banking. While our solutions may differ from client to client, our main focus is to configure a functional system that works for you.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing and Pricing

We can get you started for as low as $12 (CAN) per user for basic access, with the average cost being $115 (CAN) per user. There are many opportunities to have discounted pricing based on the number of users. Contact us for more details and a customized quote.