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Financial Services Blueprint can help companies build customer loyalty by providing a unified financial management platform. Built specifically for insurance companies, mortgage brokers, financial institutions and credit unions, the solution is designed to meet the everyday changing needs of the financial space.

We have a history of successfully implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365. As a result, we continue to tailor functional CRM systems for financial services across the globe.

In addition to basic implementation, our services have included multi-point data mapping, aggregating data, implementing custom workflows, reporting, dashboards and much more. Our clients work in investment management, credit unions, insurance and banking. While our solutions may differ from client to client, our main focus is to configure a functional system that works for you.

Unify and Automate Financial Processes

Reduce Operational Expenses

Gain a 360-degree view of customer data

Other Options Include

Tailored Workflows

Identify and create workflows to manage business activities automatically in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Management Visibility

Create and manage reports based on multiple data sources in a single location

Remote Worker Access

Get on-the-go access for mobile agents or field workers and get up-to-date data anywhere your employees are

Operate Remotely

Co-ordinate your team remotely and work on any device

Single Customer View

360-degree view of clients provides you with understanding of customer experience.

System Unification

Unify all departments into one confidentially segregated system

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Financial Services Blueprint Feature Sheet