Four Tips for Team Building in the Virtual Office

With remote work continuing to be a fixture of the modern office, connecting with our colleagues in a meaningful way can be difficult.  Team building events have always been a great way to get to know our coworkers, especially those of whom we may not interact with on a day-to-day basis.

At CRM Dynamics we wanted to capture the magic of a great time together outside of work – from home.

Here are four tips on having a successful virtual team building event with your remote office.

  1. Feed your team

Just because you can’t all get together doesn’t mean you can’t eat together. We sent out an UberEATS voucher to all employees so they could choose their meal of choice.  This simplifies the ordering process and allows your team members to choose exactly what they want to eat. Food is a passion for many and having your team show off their personalized tastes gives way to understanding each other better.   We even had everyone post their meals to the Teams chat and vote for the best, most unique, and craziest meals ordered.  Below are the winners:

  1. Make it a competition

Some healthy competition always gets the juices flowing and can really create stronger bonds within your organization.  We chose a virtual murder mystery with small teams (more on that in the next tip) to identify clues and piece together the perpetrator of this whodunit.  Nothing like a lighthearted fictional homicide to bring your remote team together.

  1. Mix up the teams

Earlier in the year, we had our entire company undergo the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality quiz.  Armed with the results, we created teams that were balanced in their psychological preferences and unique perspectives of decision making.  Not only did this allow for the most competitive teams, but it also helped cross-bridges between personality types that may never come in contact otherwise.

  1. Make it fun

Organizational culture benefits aside, at its core the team building event should be designed with fun in mind.   The right mix of competition, comradery, creativity, and delicious meals (food comes before alliteration) can create a memorable experience for your team, even at a distance.

Jared Teed

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