What does it mean to be a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner?

One of the biggest advantages to working with CRM Dynamics an HSO Company is that when you do so you are working with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Certified Partner. But, what does that mean?

If you aren’t familiar with the certification program at Microsoft you may not fully appreciate the meaning of it. And, if you don’t understand the meaning, you most certainly won’t appreciate how it will benefit you.

Before we get into the Gold Certified Partner process, you should understand that CRM Dynamics an HSO Company is not only a Gold certified partner. In fact, it is currently one of the largest Gold Certified Partners specializing in Dynamics 365/CRM in Canada. That size and targeted knowledge is what sets CRMD-HSO apart from other Microsoft partners that you may be considering.

This is not to say that there aren’t other partners that can implement a Dynamics 365 solution for you; any partner that has achieved Gold Certified Partner status has demonstrated an ability to utilize the power of Microsoft to provide you with software solutions that can make your business processes more efficient. However, at CRMD-HSO we bring that extra level of expertise that only specialization provides.

Basically, CRM Dynamics an HSO Company knows the product intimately and is trusted by Microsoft to deliver it to you.

Which brings us back to the Gold certified partner program. In short, the Gold Certified Partner process is Microsoft’s way of identifying partners that have demonstrated a certain level of skill and success in delivering their software effectively.

To provide more detail, obtaining Gold Certified Partner status is the highest level a Microsoft partner can reach. You are only able to obtain the status once you have gone through the two previous status levels of Registered Partner and Certified Partner.

Once you are ready to obtain the Gold Certified Partner you must go through an exhaustive process before Microsoft certifies you as a Gold Certified Partner.

Very few companies obtain this ultimate status. Fewer still have the experience and singular focus that CRMD-HSO does.

So, when we say that we are a Gold Certified Partner we aren’t just pointing to a meaningless designation. Rather, our status is something that we are proud to have obtained and that has real benefits to you.

When you’re ready to take advantage of our expertise give our experts a shout!