Grant Management Blueprint

Grant Management

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365

Grant Management Blueprint is an automated CRM system that is built within the Microsoft Dynamics platform that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Excel or many popular accounting systems.  This system provides you with the support that you need to create, launch, automate, and manage grant programs.

Grant Management Client Portal

  • Online Registration for clients
  • Grant Application Processing through Portal shows Adjudication Progress and allows for additional input.
  • Once awarded, the Grant process is completely managed through the client portal.
  • Automated reminders, status updates, and many more for cost reduction.
  • Full integration to your internal Grant Management system.

Grant Management Adjudication

  • Online Grant applications will follow enforced Business Process rules.
  • Automated queueing of work; automated business rule evaluations.
  • Automated notifications on trigger events or dates.
  • Grant update notifications and updates through the portal.
    Minimize costs while maximizing client results

Grant Management Processing

  • Automated Business Rules evaluation
  • Automated notifications for processing and updating.
  • Fully integrated with a portal for maximum efficiency and timeliness.
  • Queues to appropriate work teams for processing.
  • GSLA's for process management and oversight

Office 365 and Email Integration

  • System integrates with Outlook, Word and Excel for ease of use.
  • Automated notifications for Client updates.
  • Omni channel access allows clients and staff to stay connected at anytime anywhere 24/7.
  • Email links to Portal simplify client interactions.
  • Paperless with digital footprint for the highest efficiency and transparency.

Client Management

  • Dynamics CRM allows easy client management through portal and email.
  • Integrates with Outlook to centralize client communications tracking.
  • Anyone can manage a client at any time with a case history.
  • Automated communications, updates and notifications, etc.

Finance and Performance Reporting

  • Financials integration process to your accounting platform.
  • Full visibility Dashboards and Reports for management and reporting.
  • Report on all activities, portal activities, financial data, and grant data.
  • Powered by industry-leading solution Microsoft Power BI.
  • Export to Excel for ease of use as supplemental reporting tools.

Information Sharing

  • Maintain Knowledge Base, Articles, White Papers, and other relevant sources.
  • Bulk email notifications and newsletters.
  • Portal allows for registration, user preferences, and updates.
  • Free and Chargeable services.

Event Management

  • Track Individual Teams meetings all the way up to major events.
  • Microsoft Outlook and Email integration for notification, reminders, sign-up, and many more.
  • Safe and securely integrates with Portal for event payment and registration.
  • Follow up and event marketing tools

Microsoft Platform

  • Fully open system based on Microsoft Platform.
  • The cloud solution allows instant scaling as needed.
  • No server maintenance is required.
  • Backups, Security, Disaster Recovery managed by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft standards, connectivity, and interoperability.

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