Happy Data Privacy Day! How to be Compliant Without Interrupting your Business

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“Don’t let Privacy Laws prevent you from selling”
—Rob Triggs, VP Sales and Marketing CRM Dynamics

January 28 is Data Privacy Day in Canada and other countries. The fact that data privacy has its own day is a testament to just how important the subject has become.

The online resource Identity Guard has published its list of the top 7 data breaches of 2015. At the least, hacked customer data creates a massive risk of identity theft and financial loss, like the BlueCross BlueShield hack that is said to have exposed data for 10 million customers. Even worse, some breaches have the ability to devastate lives completely. Keeping your customer data secure is important. VERY important.

In Canada, our commitment to data privacy must be twofold: protecting the actual data, and adhering to privacy laws such as CASL regulations. An excellent tool to help you accomplish this is a world-class CRM, such as Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be deployed on premise, or in the cloud. If you have it on premise, the onus is on your IT department to keep data secure. Many companies instead opt for cloud deployment, for convenience and security.  Options include storing data in Microsoft’s cloud, or increasingly, businesses are choosing to have their data partner-hosted in Canada, for the added protection.

When communicating with customers, CRM acts as your gatekeeper, ensuring you have permission to do what you intend to do. A marketing automation platform such as ClickDimensions resides in CRM and automates communications, ensuring all email is CASL compliant before it is sent. And of course, not all customers are the same. They may each have different Service Level Agreements (SLA) and CRM will enable your people to manage customer relationships and adhere to them. This allows you to respect existing privacy laws, while continuing the important business of reaching out to and nurturing customer relationships.

Again, happy Data Privacy Day! If you haven’t considered CRM as part of your privacy arsenal, today is a great day to learn more.


Rob Triggs

Rob’s unique selling style makes him immediately relatable to customers. As a results oriented sales and marketing leader Rob works closely with customers to help shape how they drive value from CRM. Experienced in the most popular sales methodologies, Rob’s expertise lies in incorporating traditional outbound sales techniques with innovative inbound digital marketing and CRM. As a Fortune 100 award-winning sales professional and certified sales coach, Rob is a sought after sales resource, coach and speaker.