10 Capabilities of the Dynamics 365 Higher Education Industry Accelerator?

Managing a student journey for any Higher Education institution involves mass amounts of data with multiple touchpoints for communication. Our Higher Education Blueprint manages just that—ensuring each student, alumni or faculty member is being delivered the right communications, at the right time.

So, what can the Higher Ed Blueprint do? Let’s deep dive into its capabilities:

  1. 360 Degree view of the student: Provides insights into students’ interests that includes 360 views on students' journey from scholarship opportunities, courses, events, internships, and many more.
  2. Dashboards and reporting: View metrics in real-time for applications and offers. Use interactive reports and dashboards to track progress against recruitment targets.
  3. Communication: Improve communication with students and alumni via email or social media through automation. Ensure your institution remains your applicants’ first choice by delivering personalized content.
  4. Case Management: Address concerns or issues raised by students quickly by creating a case in CRM and routing it automatically to the appropriate team for resolution.
  5. Event Management: Manage your invitations, registrations, and attendance in one place and easily report on their success and ROI.
  6. Linkedin Integration: Use our LinkedIn integration to keep in touch with your alumni and confirm their career paths post-graduation offering opportunities to identify success stories.
  7. Student information Integration: Make key financial information available for customer service and marketing modelling.
  8. Recruitment process: Send relevant recruitment details to prospective students including information related to academic and other interests.
  9. Web bookings: Manage meeting bookings over the web
  10. Offer and Acceptance processes: Process interactions from your student information system and communicate with prospective students.

There is so much more to explore when it comes to our Higher Education Blueprint’s capabilities!

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