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What is a Higher Education Blueprint, and what can it do?

For Higher Education institutions, managing the student journey from application through to alumni involves mass amounts of data and tailored communications to ensure each student, alumni, faculty member is being directed down the right information path. Whether a student is filling out their applications to apply or are invited to a sports team event, Universities or Colleges need to be able deliver the right communications, at the right time.

In conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics 365, our Higher Education Blueprint manages the complete student journey that complements any student information system. We know every University and College’s needs is different, so our Blueprint allows you to tailor systems and opt-in and out of certain modules.

So, what can our Higher Education Blueprint do?

Our Higher Education Blueprint allows for a 360 degree of the student, it handles the recruitment process, both from domestic and international agency reps, registration communications, case management—where our customers can see the Academic appeal process and a student’s propensity and success metrics. Beyond this, our Blueprint offers self-serve portals where a student can book a meeting or meet online. It enables alumni affairs to engage with alumni in a meaningful way and allows for constant communication for current students, prospective students, faculty, and staff.

An overview of our core and advanced capabilities below:

What Differentiates CRMD-HSO’s Higher Education Blueprint?

Picking a solution that is right for you and your schools needs can be complex—there is no real one size option that can address all Universities or College’s needs. We understand that some schools might need a robust recruiting system, or others really need a 360 degree of the student. Our Higher Education Blueprint model is flexible and allows you to pick and choose the which features are most important for your school. And the best part? It compliments any student information system!

Interested in learning more on our Higher Education Blueprint? Watch our Webinar here.

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