Higher Educational institutions need to digitally transform — We can help!

More and more Higher Education institutions have been making changes to the way they recruit in recent years. Many schools realized that they needed to modernize their recruitment process and compete for students in a different way than they had in the past.

The shift was already happening, before the global shutdown as a result of COVID-19. Now, that need to change has been accelerated due to the disruption caused by the pandemic.

CRM Dynamic an HSO Company’s Higher Education Blueprint can help develop highly meaningful experiences by optimizing communications and providing a complete view of each student through application, enrollment, course selection, and post-graduation engagement. Luckily, a relatively small investment today can help your Higher Education institution weather the current storm and emerge better prepared to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

CRM Dynamics an HSO Company is a leader in the Higher Education space. With several successful implementations under our belt, CRMD-HSO has developed an affordable and effective CRM solution, Higher Education Blueprint.
Our Higher Education Blueprint uses development accelerators to get you up and running faster and less expensively than other CRMs in the education space.

Higher Education Blueprint can help you:

1.Track Admissions

The admissions process can be needlessly complicated and labour-intensive. With Higher Education Blueprint you can automate much of the tasks to increase efficiency and decrease errors.

You have a 360-degree view of each applicant, which provides a complete view of the student journey, with overall case management and dashboard reporting. That allows you to easily track the program the student is admitted to and all academic documents required.

Additionally, you can quickly get offers out to students as soon as they are available. The faster your offer gets to a prospective student, the more likely they will accept and register.

2. Stay on top of leads

Quality students are not easy to find and the competition for them is fierce. It is important that a Higher Educational institution treat the recruitment process in the same way that any business goes after sales.

Higher Education Blueprint has a robust lead tracking process. You can respond to potential students’ inquiries faster and track them better with our CRM. You can also personalize your interactions, making the potential student feel wanted and valued by your institution.

It doesn’t matter if you are a public institution with a mandate to provide opportunities to a wide variety of students, or a private school with specific requirements. In both cases, you are going to face competition for students and the better you manage leads, the more likely it is that you will convert them into full-time enrollments.

3. Better serve students

Once enrolled, your administrative staff is tasked with the job of ensuring that the student’s journey is as smooth as possible. Ideally, you want your students to have a good experience while at school, so that they become happy (and donating) alumni.

Higher Education Blueprint allows your staff to easily keep track of every interaction they have with the student. That makes sure the student is getting the right information at the right time to allow them to be academically successful and to meet their obligations to the institution.

All this can be accomplished more efficiently than with your legacy systems, which often require your staff to toggle between different screens to see a full view of the student. Mistakes can be avoided with Higher Education Blueprint’s 360-degree view of the student.

4. Automate payments

Keeping track of payment history and upcoming invoices is an important part of the business of Higher Education. With Higher Education Blueprint, that can be fully automated.

Students can receive regular emails updating them on the status of their account and reminding them of upcoming payments. That will help students budget accordingly and allow the institution to improve its cashflow.

If you combine the Higher Education Blueprint with a payment portal and Payment Gateway solution, you can also provide the students with the type of self-serve options that they are accustomed to in this digital age.

5. Keep your Alumni engaged

Alumni are vital to the health of every Higher Education institution. An engaged and connected Alumni community can inspire current students with their success, offer real-life mentoring opportunities, provide first jobs, and cheer the school’s sports teams on to victory.

And, that’s just the things they can do without opening their wallet. Obviously, your Annual Fund relies on the generosity of your former students as well.

The key to having a healthy relationship with your Alumni is to make them feel that they are part of a family and not just a fundraising target.

With Higher Education Blueprint you can keep your Alumni informed through regular Marketing outreaches. You can target the messages to the interests of the Alumni to allow them to stay connected and engaged.

If they loved science while at your school, send them regular updates on the important research happening in your Biology Department. Arts lovers should get notified of when the Drama Department is putting on a performance and sporty types will enjoy a personal message from the football coach talking about last year’s successful season.

All of that messaging can be tied into a fundraising effort that will be more targeted to the Alumni you are reaching out to.

Higher Education Blueprint is the modern, robust CRM system built for your Higher Education needs. Request a demo, or contact us today to see how your school can be the next to implement our proven Higher Education solution.