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CRM Dynamics will help you increase sales, automate marketing, and integrate your core operational systems.
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Get the results you want with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sales and Marketing

Bridge the gaps in your sales process and get your team more efficient and selling more. The built-in marketing activities will give you a better understanding of your campaigns, clients, and more.

Operations and Finance

The versatility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM means that you can manage orders, inventory, invoices, and much more. With this robust system we can create a seamless experience for your entire business.

Service Management

Manage support cases, contracts, your knowledge base, team calendars, and resources in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Streamline call centers or customer support teams to keep communications clear.


If you've decided to implement a CRM for your business, you will need a partner to facilitate the implementation. We're here to help! Microsoft Dynamics CRM works right out of the box,  however configuring the system to your needs is essential. Let us get to know your business and understand how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help address your pain points. We'll create a solution customized to your business needs, so you can be more efficient and sell more.


Your business has many different systems to support a variety of tasks. With our integration capabilities, we can connect these systems and their data into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. We can create a robust software solution that can be utilized by your entire company.


Get a little more out of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution by adding specialized software for marketing, lead generation, and mobile capabilities. We've partnered with ClickDimensions, LiveChat, Field Services (formerly FieldOne), and TouchMobile to provide a diverse set of tools that work seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These tools will simplify your processes and increase your adoption rates.


There are multiple hosting options to choose from when you select Microsoft Dynamics CRM as your business solution. Working with you, we will ensure a smooth transition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, whether it is hosted online or on premise.

The Learning Academy

Get the opportunity to expand your knowledge on important features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We've created a series of videos on the basics of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, how to sell more, effective marketing techniques, and much more.


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It is my opinion that anyone and everyone considering the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution should consider the services of CRM Dynamics. They have the experience and people who will make sure your CRM project is a success. CRM Dynamics not only gets the technology inside and out, they understand business, and that’s critical.

Bruna Barbosa
Strategy Consultant

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24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics to drive revenue and serve customers.

24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers

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