How to Configure Your Email in Dynamics 365

If your Outlook has stopped working – and won’t send or receive emails suddenly or maybe your calendar isn’t updating, you’re going to want to keep reading. The Support Team at CRM Dynamics an HSO Company has identified this issue as the topic of their most frequently submitted tickets, but in 10 simple steps you could be fixing it yourself.

Here’s How…

To start you must have Admin privileges to be able to adjust Email Configuration settings. If you do not have admin privileges, you should share this blog with the member of your team with administrative access who can help to resolve the issue.

1. Navigate to Advanced Settings

You can navigate to the Advanced Settings from the top right corner of your CRM platform. Once there, you can navigate to Email Configuration under the System category.

2. Email Configuration Settings

Once in the Email Configuration Settings, you’ll need to navigate to Mailboxes. This will come up with a list of all the mailboxes your admin has privileges of viewing and editing.

3. Find the Account of Interest

From the list you can either search or scroll until you’ve found the account that is not working as intended. You will want to click on the name which will make another window pop up.

4. Account Window

Now that you’ve opened the settings for the account in question you can adjust the settings under Synchronization Method.

The default settings should be:

  • Incoming Email: Server-side Synchronization or Email Router
  • Outgoing Email: Server-side Synchronization or Email Router
  • Appointments, Contacts, and Tasks: Server-side Synchronization or Email Router
5. Test Configuration Settings and Save & Close

Make sure your changes have been saved and then test the settings.

Voila! How to fix your Email Configuration Settings in 5 simple steps.

If you have followed these steps and are still experiencing issues sending and receiving emails or updating your calendar – Talk to an Expert at CRM Dynamics an HSO Company!