Improve Your Up and Cross-Selling with Dynamics 365

In our desire to always be chasing new opportunities, we can often ignore the increased revenue possibilities that are already in our sales’ pipelines through up and cross-selling. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can maximize those opportunities and give your revenue a boost.

The key to maximizing this potential comes in the “related products” tab in your sales dashboard. There, you can add related products that sales professionals can quickly reference when they have made another sale to the customer.  

By offering these suggestions to your sales staff you can help them better serve your clients. These products aren’t just about wringing more cash out of a client, but rather are about providing them with suggestions that will enhance the products that they have already paid more and enable them to better meet their own business goals.  

Of course, it also drives your own revenue and helps your sales staff hit their targets more effectively. And, that should make everyone happy. 

The ability to more effectively cross and up sell is just one way that Dynamics 365 helps drive your sales performance across your team.   

With D365 you can better manage your sales goals, automate and track your lead sourcing and evaluate what lead sources are working best.  

At CRM Dynamics we have developed our Sales Blueprint solution that now allows small to medium size businesses and organizations to benefit from the power of Dynamics 365 at a price point that makes sense for those organizations.    

Whatever your company’s sales goals are, Sales Blueprint and Dynamics 365 can help you achieve them.  

Why not give our experts a call today to book a demo to see for yourself just how powerful this solution can be.