Increasing Sales with Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

As our world continues to evolve, one tried and true method of selling effectively to your customer base remains to build and nurture trustworthy relationships.  It’s not just knowing who your customers are, but also what is important to them and reaching out with relevant and valuable information at their time of need. 

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights is a collection of features that incessantly evaluates all your customer interaction-based data brought together from Dynamics 365, communications via Microsoft 365, relationships via LinkedIn, collaboration via Microsoft Teams, and transform selling via the power of AI and Microsoft Power Platform, to help salespeople optimize their time, strengthen their customer relationships and focus on the opportunities that lead to more business.

Here are four ways Dynamics 365 Sales Insights will help your organization sell more:

  1. Guided selling: Guiding sellers on their next course of action with timely and actionable insights.

The assistant (formerly known as Relationship Assistant) monitors sellers’ day-to-day activities and communications from all connected sources and prompts the best next step actionable insights for the seller to act on to build better relationships and close more deals.  All of these insight notifications can be customized within the Assistant Studio to cater to your specific sales approaches, whether that’s based on your sales cycles, industry, activities, or any other contributing factors. 

  1. Productivity intelligence: Free up sellers’ time by minimizing manual data entry with contextual, real-time suggestions for updating existing records and creating new records, making sure your data is always up to date.

Few things salespeople dislike more than having to log all their activities in CRM.  Most sellers prefer to be talking with clients, working on proposals, or networking at events instead of painstakingly notarizing all their customer interactions.  Auto capture helps salespeople by simplifying the logging of customer-related activities into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Auto capture provides activity suggestions for emails and meetings related to your work based on data captured from your Outlook account. This helps you see relevant emails and meetings on your timeline, together with all the other activities related to a given record. This way, nothing falls through the cracks and sellers have full control over what’s being shared.

  1. Connection insights: Build stronger relationships with customers and move relationships forward with AI-guided selling. Take preemptive steps to mitigate risks with a relationship health score.

Relationship analytics enables Dynamics 365 Sales to assemble relevant information from throughout its database to create a graphical display of key performance indicators (KPIs) and activity histories. The feature also calculates the overall health and trend of each of your business relationships.  This helps sellers identify which opportunities to spend time on, the frequency and status of their interactions with customers, email and meeting response rates, plus time spent on and time it takes the seller to respond to inquiries. 


  1. Predictive models: Increase conversion and win rates by using AI to prioritize leads and opportunities with the highest likelihood to convert and buy.

With predictive methods built-in to Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, sellers and sales managers can identify, track, and pursue the most qualified and likely to be converted leads and opportunities in your sales pipeline.  Predictive lead and opportunity scoring help you focus on revenue generation efforts by providing a score to prioritize efforts on quality customer engagements. Finally, predictive forecasting helps sellers and managers improve accuracy by providing forecast projections based on data. To achieve this, predictive forecasting uses AI-driven models that look at historical data and the open sales pipeline to predict future revenue outcomes.

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights provides different levels of features. Some features are included automatically when you purchase Dynamics 365 Sales, while others are available when you purchase Dynamics 365 Sales Insights in addition to your Dynamics 365 Sales application.  Reach out to our experts today to see how you can utilize these features to win more business!

Jared Teed

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