Inspection, Testing & Certification

Your business needs a solution that works for your complex business requirements. This solution will help your entire business work smarter, ensuring that processes are followed and your time is optimized.

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution That Supports:





Access and Input Data on the Go

Your field team works hard to ensure that they are reducing the risk to businesses, individuals and society. They follow systematic processes that ensure that each and every customer is held to the same standards. 

To record and keep track of those processes you'll have access to everything you need using your mobile device. This can ensure consistency across the board, since every employee is following the same steps regardless of where they are. 

The data will be synced to Microsoft Dynamics 365, and immediately available for use by any internal staff. ​

Scheduling Made Easy

If you're managing multiple requests to perform inspections you may have existing scheduling issues. With this Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, you can be sure that you're sending the right person to the right job. It will take into the account the necessary skills and certifications that an inspector needs in order to perform the requested inspection. 

Emergency or last-minute requests can also be handled by this system. It will take into account the necessary travel times, availability and skills to determine who should be sent to the customer. 

Customer Portal

There's an easier way to manage customer requests. 

By setting up a website portal that's directly linked to Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can promptly respond to requests as soon as they come in. The portal will contain the customer's information and allow them to update and schedule new requests from your business. 

A customer's website portal access can allow them to see any certifications that they have received. They can also view any expiry information for any annual testing or inspections that need to take place. Email automation can alert a customer that they are due for an inspection or to update their testing.

Your customers will be surprised at how easy it is to manage their business with you. 

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