Is your content a perfect 10?

If I had to rate the gated content on our site, I’d say we’ve hit a sweet spot. With the launch of our stylish new site, we have the ability to offer visitors downloadable content for the very first time. Essentially, we’ve made our site on-demand, allowing visitors to take what they like and read it when they please.

During the design process the big question was, what to gate and what not to gate? With strong lead generation instincts, we initially thought of gating all content. It’s fair to ask for contact details in return for helpful material. After further thought, we were afraid of scaring off weary leads afraid of having their details sold to a third-party mailing list (not something we would ever do and totally against CASL compliance).

Instead, we opted to gate only our most valuable pieces of content, such as our ebook, while lighter pieces of content, such as our customer success stories, remain open downloads. This unrestricted access to high level information allows visitors to freely learn who we are and what we do. Meatier pieces of content are more likely to attract visitors further along in the decision making process who are more receptive to providing their contact details. Not only does this increase the likelihood of submissions, but it also helps us pinpoint more qualified leads.

How would you rate the gated content on your site? If you’re not yet a perfect 10, complete our Diagnostic Assessment to rate your ability to generate and convert leads, which gated and un-gated content is a metric .

Happy downloading!

Shawna Varganyi 
Digital Marketing Manager


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