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Leveraging decades of combined experience, we can guide you through difficult business challenges such as lead management, sales forecasting, activity management, digital marketing campaigns and case management. Read below for more information on specific events, times, and dates.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing: A/B Testing

October 14th at 11:00AM EST

Presented by Kari Mclaughlan, Marketing Lead & Aysun Osmansoy, Product Marketing Lead at CRM Dynamics

Join CRM Dynamics for an informational webinar on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Application: A/B Testing. There are several ways to ensure that your content improves, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is to A/B test your email messaging. In this webinar series, we’ll outline what A/B Testing is, best practices, and how to put your A/B testing emails into action for your next email marketing campaign.

Remember, Microsoft Marketing is available as a standalone app, or in combination with other Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps!

We will also explore:

  • The Top 7 best practices.
  • How to create a customer journey & email using A/B Testing.
  • How to read and analyze your results to determine what works!

This webinar will help you gain a full understanding of the A/B testing component of your Marketing App and help improve your future email marketing campaigns. CRM Dynamics is a leader in Dynamics Marketing, and we are eager to share our experience with you!

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