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Our events include webinars, speaking engagements and one-on-one sessions. Attending one of our sessions will guarantee advancement in your knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and business processes. We regularly include keynote speakers, thought leaders, and industry experts who will captivate you and create an exclusive learning opportunity. Leveraging decades of combined experience, we can guide you through difficult business challenges such as lead management, sales forecasting, activity management, digital marketing campaigns and case management. Read below for more information on specific events, times, and dates.

Take part in our webinar session featuring Introduction to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Customer experience is the heart of every organization. But with customer information spread between disjointed systems, getting the insights you need is increasingly difficult. Customer Insights unifies all your customer data across the full range of sources to get a single view of customers in real-time.

In this session, you will get first-hand knowledge from a Microsoft representative. You will learn how customer insights work, and how organizations are using out-of-the-box machine learning, or AI, to predict things like churn, next best action and product recommendations.

With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights you and your team members will have the ability to accurately identify trends, integrate customer's feedback for better business decisions, pro-active and provide your business with detailed insights on your products and services to meet your customer needs.

Don't miss our Never Stop Learning Webinar Series: Cloud Contact Center in a Box for Dynamics 365. In this session, you will learn from Solgari, a Premium Tier Microsoft Business Applications ISV Connect Partner, on how you can maintain and grow your communication with customers and ensure your business continuity during these extraordinary times. This solution is part of Microsoft's wider support for customers affected by COVID-19.

Cloud Contact Center in a Box is an extension of D365 All-Channel Communication Solution from CRM Dynamics "Blueprint" series, which delivers Voice, Video, Chat, SMS, Co-browse, File Sharing & more. It is available (including handling 3rd party channels such as Whatsapp, WeChat, etc.) seamlessly inside Dynamics 365, powered by Solgari.

Available features in Cloud Contact Center in a Box include Different types of communication channels, Recording, Archiving capabilities, Seamless D365 Integration, Real-time Reporting and Analytics tools, Contact Center and a Tier 1 Global Carrier to provide numbers anywhere in the world.

What's in it for you and your organization? 

Cloud Contact Center in a Box for Dynamics 365 will provide you with:

  • Work remotely and effectively from anywhere in the world via WebPhone, mobile and D365 applications.
  • The recording feature is available to ensure that all communications are recorded for compliance purposes.
  • Facilitate payments over the phone securely within the PCI DSS compliance process.
  • Cloud contact center - Manage cloud contact centers effectively to help with business continuity and management.
  • Rapid onboarding for new customers in less than a week set up time.
  • All communications are logged and stored inside Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • No hidden fees! This is a cost-effective affordable solution with a simple per-user monthly cost.

Register today to learn more and get the right information directly from the expert about Cloud Contact Center in a Box for Dynamics 365.

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Solgari  is a premium tier member of Microsoft’s Business Applications ISV Connect Program, providing the leading Dynamics 365 All-Channel Communications Solution used by companies in over 40 countries .  It provides demanding, secure, multi-channel capabilities to companies who are looking to increase efficiency, meet compliance requirements, and delight customers who wish to engage on their preferred communications channel.

CRM Dynamics is in the top 1% of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications Partners world-wide, providing Rapid Implementation ‘Blueprint’ solutions for Financial Services, Service, Manufacturing and additional industries. Built within the Microsoft Dynamics platform, the solution is designed to provide businesses with a 360-degree view of customer information as well as operational control over Sales, Service, Marketing and Field Service.

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