How to manage people in a CRM implementation

We all know change can be difficult for many people, especially when it comes to a technological implementation. Without a plan, it’s common for employees and even Senior Leadership to feel overwhelmed with the change—  leading people to revert to an old way of doing things, or worse, the changes being totally scrapped.

Change Management allows employers to provide a structured approach to digital transformation that empowers leaders and employees to feel supported and heard during the implementation process.

However, managing this process is no easy feat— when working on client projects, Change Management begins within the discovery phase of a project. In this phase, we provide key deliverables that are Change Management specific: Success Metrics Workshops and a High-Level Change Management strategy.

The Success Metrics Workshop is a facilitated session that helps all key stakeholders articulate how the project's “success” can be expressed in measurable business outcomes and KPI’s. The value of this is to ensure that the project has a clear definition of the end results to be targeted and the benefits that are critical to deliver.

The High-Level Change Management Strategy is when Change Managers build out an extensive document that captures the customers' readiness and the impact of the change. Our team works closely with our clients to conduct a variety of assessments and gather insights which in turn, become recommendations and guidance on how to manage the specific change within the organization.

CRM Dynamics an HSO Company brings a structured approach to managing change. We understand that organizational change needs to be driven through every level of the business.

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