Manufacturers Moving Towards a Digital Transformation

When you hear the term “digital transformation” you might be tempted to dismiss it as the latest business buzzword. That would be a mistake. The movement towards a digital marketplace is arguably the most significant change in the economy since Henry Ford brought us the assembly line.  

That’s not hyperbole. The digital transformation that the world is in the middle of has completely changed how almost everyone does business. You can understand why business leaders are interested in making sure that they are doing everything that they can to not be left behind in this digital transformation.  

To that end, CRM Dynamics an HSO Company has called upon their experts to discuss how to help businesses assess where they are on the transformation journey and to share practical tips to help them lead their organization to the next phase. 

We’ve uncovered that the most important thing that manufacturers can do is to make sure that they have established winning conditions.  

You can do that by starting to deal with the challenges in your process first to establish an effective governance. Ensure that your organizations have the right people with the right skills and partnerships to get things done. 

It’s important to have effective measurements – it does no good to make changes towards a digital transformation without having the ability to measure whether those changes are working. Too often businesses practice a throw-the-spaghetti-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks approach. 

Don’t do that, instead measure the spaghetti and understand how much is going to stick.  

Most importantly, manufacturers need to make sure that you have the right leadership involved in the digital transformation. Assigning a project manager with a role that is focused on transforming your internal business processes could benefit you. 

Digital transformation is about having the right technology and using it properly to drive business. As such you need to ensure that your actual users are involved in the transformation and that your IT experts can ensure that your technology changes are supported by existing infrastructure. 

Above all else, you need to have an open mind and willingness to look objectively at your business. If you can accept that certain things aren’t working, you can then get down to the business of fixing it and kick starting your business onto the road of a digital transformation.  

If you’d like to discuss getting started with your organization’s digital transformation, contact our experts today!

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