Meet our Expert: Eric Garnham

CRM Dynamics prides itself on a diverse staff that come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. By combining such varied perspectives we feel that we are able to offer our client’s creative solutions to their issues that set us apart from other CRM shops.

In this month’s Meet the Expert we learn about Business Development Manager Eric Garnham.

CRMD: You were an elite athlete for a while – tell us about that.

Eric: I was involved in lots of sports growing up, but primarily playing soccer and volleyball into high school. I happened to go to a school that was know for rugby so I decided to give that a shot.  It wasn’t long until I quit playing provincial level soccer and volleyball and switch full-time to rugby.

CRMD: What happened after you switched?  

Eric: At first I wasn’t even starting on my high school team but then I hit a growth spurt. I shot up to 6’2 and gained some bulk. I quickly went to playing on the provincial team then, eventually, on the Canadian u-19 team.

CRMD: How was that?

Eric: It was a good experience. I played a couple years and could have played a few more, but after an injury I decided that I didn’t see a long-term financial future in rugby so I decided to change gears and focus on building a career.

CRMD: Before we move on to the next stage of your career path, tell us what playing in elite sports taught you.

Eric: Most of all the value of being in a team. The teams that are most successful don’t rely on one individual, but rather on the ability of a team pulling together to reach a goal. I like to take that philosophy into my work now.

CRMD: After rugby, where did you go?  

Eric: I tried a couple different things, but I eventually found my way into personal training. I loved working in a job where I could see real benefit in what I was doing and it spoke to skills —  like discipline and hard work — that I learned in rugby. But, another benefit was that it introduced me to the world of sales.

CRMD: You worked with professional athletes, right?

Eric: Yes, I eventually started my own training business and have had the privilege of training a few professional athletes and Olympians as well as everyday people just looking to meet their fitness goals.   

CRMD: So how did you move from training to working in the CRM field?    

Eric: I loved training and still maintain a few clients, but I have a little one on the way so I was looking to move into a field that I could build a lasting career in. That led me to here!

CRMD: Do you think your unique experience helps you in your current role?

Eric: Absolutely. I think that you take bits of your past into everything. I’m excited to help companies grown and meet their goals in the same way that I was excited to help my clients reach their fitness goals.    

Why not let Eric help you grow? Reach out to him today at, or give one of our other experts a shout!

Duane Rollins

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