Meet our Experts — Evan Kosmidis

CRM Dynamics prides itself in the diversity of our staff’s experience. To highlight that, we present the monthly CRM Expert Spotlight.

This month we learn about Account Executive Evan Kosmidis.

Read on to find out more about Evan!

You played football at a high level. What was that like?

I played football all through high school and fell in love with the sport. I love how strategic it is, especially at the position I played (QB). I also enjoyed the physical nature of the sport – who doesn’t like to give or take a hit from time to time! I eventually earned a scholarship to a small school and played there for three years. Unfortunately, my body gave out and I had to move on after three years, but I’m still a fan.

What’s your team?

I’m an Eagles fan. So, 2018 was fun!

You also are involved in music?    

Yeah, it started as a side job in the football offseason, but I found that I really enjoyed DJing and producing music. I started playing at university and then eventually started to get jobs in the city close to school and then in Montreal. It’s been great – I work with a local Hip Hop artist presently and still do jobs in clubs.

Tell us about what CRMD did to help your sister

She’s the real hero of the family. She is in the Canadian armed forces, serving in Asia right now in a dangerous Peacekeeping mission. We actually had a “comfort food” drive for her at the office – Candies, chocolates and snack food from back home to share with her and the others she is serving with.     

What do you take from those experiences that helps you in your position with CRMD?

Confidence. When you’re in a locker room of 70 guys – some that are 6’5” 350lbs – you have to be confident to keep their attention and lead them. The same with music. You’re walking into a club and having to keep the attention of hundreds of people. You need to be confident.     

What do you love most about your current job?

I love the product. I believe in it and I see its power. I know it can help other sales professionals so I am confident when I present the benefits of D365. I know I’m helping them and that makes me excited to come to work.   

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