Dynamics Association Blueprint

Benefits of an Association Management CRM System

Dynamics Association Blueprint is an Association Management CRM system that is built within the Microsoft Dynamics platform and integrates with many popular accounting systems. This provides a 360 degree view of each member as well as operational control over, Sales, Service, Marketing and Social Engagement Insights. Benefits include:

  • Bringing all departments in one confidentially segregated system
  • Managing Grants
  • Managing Donations and Volunteers
  • Workflow Automation
  • Connecting to social media supporters to track trends and build campaigns
  • Saving money and reducing costs
  • Developing insight through Reporting and Dashboards

Features of Dynamics Association Blueprint

Association Member Management

Dynamics Association Blueprint is able to sort members by type or level and accommodate staggered or irregular fees, dues or renewal periods. Automatically apply payments to credit cards with pre-authorized payments and loyalty discounts or discounts tied into continuing education are all possible. Members will be able to easily change their membership level, or cancel membership. The software allows you to streamline new member applications through the easy-to-use portal and it automates the sending of renewal notifications and invoices.

Event Management

Whether you’re managing a small executive retreat or a giant annual convention, Dynamics Association Blueprint will allow you to seamlessly accept registrations, track attendance numbers and accept payments. Multiple price points and partial or full cancelation refunds are all easily handled with Dynamics Association Blueprint.

Store Front

You can provide your members the opportunity to purchase relevant professional material directly through your online store. Multi-layered loyalty or promotional pricing is all possible. Dynamics Association Blueprint will be able to process credit card payments and refunds in real time and will schedule payments to suppliers. Tax and shipping charges will be calculated automatically by Dynamics Association Blueprint. 

Continuing Education

Dynamics Association Blueprint will allow you to easily track your members’ continuing education requirements. You can check if members meet the pre-requisite requirements for registration and make registration simple for the members. Additionally, we integrate with popular webinar registration tools. Dynamics Association Blueprint allows you to create multi-level fee pricing and simplifies the payment process.

Information Sharing

Members and perspective members can easily sign up to various newsletters or mailing lists. With Dynamics Association Blueprint you can gather valuable information from those subscription lists that can help you maintain and attract new members.

Fundraising and Donor Management

Manage and track multiple campaigns and identify potential new donors. Additionally, Dynamics Association Blueprint can allow you to see a donor’s giving history and can send out automatic, targeted appeals with suggested donation amounts. By integrating the membership renewal process with an option to add a donation to the annual fee, you can increase the amount that you raise and find new annual donors.


Dynamics Association Blueprint can create multi-layered, secured sign-in pages based on membership levels. If your association is dealing with confidential information, we can ensure that only those with clearance to see it have access.

Membership Directories

Where appropriate, Dynamics Association Blueprint can provide searchable directories and individual membership profiles. These can be searchable contingent on membership status, or open to the public.

Multilingual Ready

As a North American company, our design is fully functional in English, French and Spanish. The only translation work needed will be if you require customized fields. By utilizing our pre-designed bilingual templates, we will save valuable time and money in getting your system live.

Office 365 and ClickDimensions Integration

Powered by Dynamics 365, Dynamics Association Blueprint benefits from being integrated with the Office 365 family of software. Included in that is the powerful ClickDimensions. Fully integrated with Dynamics 365, ClickDimensions provides key marketing tools like email marketing, campaign automation, web intelligence, surveys, web forms and landing pages, social marketing and more. It can help associations identify potential new members and reach out to them in a cost effective and time efficient manner.


CRM Dynamics will work with your association to create a self-serve portal that works with your existing web design. The portal will allow your members to easily manage their own profiles with little to no assistance from your staff. The portal will be integrated with all relevant aspects of your site to allow you to take full advantage of your Dynamics Association Blueprint solution.

Finance and Performance Reporting

You will be able to customize accounting reports and track tax, shipping and other costs. By giving you a full view of your finances you will have a greater insight into your associations’ operation. You can then better identify inefficiencies and fix them.

Reports can include:

  • Projects completed
  • Time spent on service cases
  • Status of grant applications
  • Donations received and sources
  • Recent campaign performance

Social Insights

Track important social media trends and build out targeted marketing campaigns

Secure Payment

Secure, fully encrypted payment, to ensure your data privacy and online safety.

The Microsoft Cloud

Deploy in the Microsoft Cloud and seamlessly  integrate with Microsoft Office 365  

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Have you considered migrating to CRM from a legacy Association Management System (AMS)?

For many Membership Associations the thought of migrating  can be intimidating. The legacy system might not be doing the best job, but it is doing a job and as an Association leader you’re often accustomed to just getting by. It's with that in mind that we produced "An Associations Blueprint to Success" Report.