How Microsoft Dynamics Can Help Credit Unions Compete in the Financial Services Industry

Knowledge is power. That’s the case with almost everything, but when it comes to the ability of Credit Unions to compete in the financial services industry it is especially true.

One of the best ways to compete in the Financial Services industry is to have more information than your competitors. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can provide the type of rich data that a Credit Union can use to drive success.

There are three key advantages Dynamics 365 and CRM Dynamics can help your Credit Union compete in the financial services industry.

360 Degree View

One of the great advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it provides a live view of your most important data inside a 360 degree view in Dashboards. That can be critical to account management, particularly in an industry like Credit Unions that relies on providing great customer service to stay competitive with larger financial institutions.

Let’s say a customer calls or comes into the branch with an issue. Do you want your rep fumbling around trying to find the right screen in the right system to answer the customer’s questions? Or would you rather you have all the needed information instantly available?

Being informed allows you to provide the backbone of great customer service that allows Credit Unions to compete in the Financial Services industry.

Convenience, not Confusion

In a crowded Financial Services market, you cannot afford to make your customer experience unpleasant. Customers demand ease of access to their services, preferable in a one-stop portal. The power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 combined with the 20 plus years of experience CRM Dynamics has in delivering complicated projects in this environment allows us to provide the very best in a portal solution.

Whether you’re on a desktop, laptop or smartphone we strive to provide a consistent and effective interface that is easy to use for the customer.

Monitor Industry Trends on Social Media

It’s not enough to just serve your current customers. You need to find new ones as well and a great way to do that is by keeping on top of the latest trends in the Financial Services industry. In addition to the standard research that you might do, you can also use Dynamics 365 Social Listening to better understand the thinking and desires of your customers.

When you have Social Listening enabled, you have a live-view of any type of Marketing record to see how people on social media are reacting to your campaigns, events, and brands This can be especially beneficial in reaching the vital Millennial market, who is more likely to be found on Social Media. This can be a major advantage for Credit Unions to compete in the Financial Services

At CRM Dynamics we are Credit Union specialists. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we have the tools and know-how to deliver a Microsoft CRM solution that can help drive your success. 

Talk to our Credit Union expert to find out how Dynamics 365 can help today.