Field Service  for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Field Service

The right way, the first time.

Microsoft Field Service enables companies to utilize a proactive service that prioritizes a first-time fix. By empowering technicians with Internet of Things capabilities, optimizing scheduling by use of AI, and connecting assets with Geofencing capabilities organizations move from a costly break-fix model to a never-fail service model.

We provide complete flexibility in how organizations choose to schedule their resources by offering manual, assisted, and automated, optimized scheduling. In each of these workflows, we support schedulers with visual cues to simplify their work.

We leverage inventory management capabilities that capture real-time information from deliveries and technicians to ensure that the right parts are always ready to go. On their way to and at the customer location, technicians use a mobile app to stay connected. Each technician updates their status like driving, in-progress work, and completed work. The mobile app also provides step-by-step instructions for the task at hand. The technician can snap photos of the completed work, get customer sign-off, and even collect payment.

Customer First

Keep the customer informed during every interaction of the service chain to increase brand loyalty and advocacy.

Connected Interactions

Provide employees and technicians with 360° information, from any location to improve resource productivity and customer satisfaction.

Empower Organizations

Improve profitability by optimizing schedules and use remote troubleshooting so a technician is dispatched only when necessary.

Key Capabilities

  • Create proactive service
  • Optimize scheduling with AI
  • Empower workers
  • Grow customer satisfaction

Grow Customer Satisfaction

Share technician location information with customers and allow for self-service appointment scheduling.

Utilize automated customer surveys to gain insights on the service experience.

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