Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Service Management

The heaviest users of the service management section of Microsoft Dynamics CRM are customer support departments and call centers. The out-of-the-box functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM allow you to jump right into many requirements you’re already looking for.

Support Cases

One of the most common uses for service management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is for Call Centers and Customer Support users. New support incidents are tracked under the contact or account so you can view current and previous incidents for that record. Your customer service teams will have a full view of the support history, allowing your team to develop better relationships with your clients.

Service Activities

Your resources, like times and materials, can also be tracked with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Factor in resources from different Microsoft Dynamics CRM users, groups, facilities or equipment and you’ll discover that your CRM can be a multi-functional tool.

Your service activities can also take time and stock of available materials into consideration. You’ll never run out or be overbooked when you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


When managing multiple resources, rely on the built-in calendar functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Reserving or requesting time for a resource or equipment is easy to manage within the service activity.

You can also manage the work hours of users to account for holidays or schedule changes. This provides clarity across departments and makes it easy for your customer service team to manage and set expectations with your clients.


Each contract signed by your clients includes specific details about the agreement between you and your client. Since each contract can vary in details, price, time and services offered it can be difficult to track what is included in each contract. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can manage the details of each contract including the agreed upon products, services and timeline.

Accounting details can also be included, meaning you can track when payments are due, billing address, billing frequency and much more.

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