CRM Dynamics’ Blueprint solutions offer industry leading security for non-profit organizations and associations.

Cyber Security is important for everyone. However, in the non-profit world it is particularly vital that donors and supporters feel confident that your organization can be trusted with their donations.

Unfortunately, that trust can be lost by things that may not even be in your full control.  A security shortcoming that is tied to a third-party fundraising software is exactly that type of scenario. We’ve seen such a scenario unfold recently with a cyber attack that was targeted towards Blackbaud.

A cyber attack can happen to anyone. Cyber criminals are malicious individuals that do not discriminate with who they victimize. Anyone can find themselves on the wrong side of an attack.

However, there are ways to protect yourselves. Chief among them is to trust your infrastructure to companies that have a generation of innovation and success in pushing back against cyber criminals.

Companies like Microsoft.

Microsoft’s annual investment in cybersecurity is industry leading. With more than a billion dollars targeted to battling cyber criminates each year, you can trust that a Microsoft-backed solution will give your organization the greatest level of security.

There are more than 3,500 dedicated cybersecurity professionals working across the Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center. They are constantly evaluating threats and creating digital infrastructure to protect you.  

Physically, Microsoft goes the extra mile too. There are hundreds of datacenters in 50 different regions. All have extensive, multi-layered protections to ensure unauthorized users cannot gain physical access to your important data.

This is the base of all of our Microsoft-driven solutions. When you trust CRM Dynamics to provide you with a non-profit or association CRM solution, you are benefiting from all of that investment and experience.

So, there really is no doubt that a Microsoft solution is the best choice for giving you a high level of security.

The concern some non-profits and associations have is that it is felt that Microsoft may not be affordable for them. That’s where many smaller software solutions come in. They claim to offer much of the features of a Microsoft solution at a fraction of the cost.

Whereas it may be true that there is a slightly higher initial cost associated with some of our offerings, it may not be anywhere near as big a difference as you think.

As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for and Microsoft gives you great value and peace of mind.  

To address those cost concerns, CRM Dynamics has developed Dynamics Association Blueprint and Non-Profit Blueprint. Both of these industry specific solutions are designed with budget conscious organizations in mind. In some cases, you can take advantage of these solutions – and of Microsoft’s industry leading security protocols – for as little as $10,000.

So, if you are concerned about the security associated with smaller software solutions then there is no better time than now to reach out to one of our experts to discuss how CRN Dynamics and its Blueprint solutions can benefit you.

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