Will migrating to CRM from legacy software benefit your Membership Association?

For many Membership Associations the thought of migrating to CRM from a legacy Association Management System (AMS) can be intimidating. The legacy system might not be doing the best job, but it is doing a job and as an Association leader you’re often accustomed to just getting by.  

Besides, migrating to CRM is probably too expensive, you might think.  

We are creatures of habit, after all, and the legacy AMS is understandable – it’s a tool that you know how to use and that meets the basic needs of your association.  

Make no mistake. Many of the legacy AMS systems are effective tools. They do exactly what they are advertised to do.  

And, little more.

It’s time to consider migrating to CRM

This is where a migration to CRM makes sense for your organization. It is no longer enough to just collect dues or allow your members to register to classes and meetings. Those elements remain important, but they are only a portion of what the modern Membership Association needs.  

Today, there are more demands on Membership Associations than at any other time. They are expected to do more and, often, with less resources than they had in the past. In this new reality, it is no longer good enough to have a good AMS tool 

Membership Associations need effective CRM systems. And, that’s why we have developed Dynamics Association Blueprint, an out-of-the-box CRM solution powered by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 engine.  

By migrating to CRM software you will facilitate better relationships, which is the cornerstone of growth in any organization, including Membership Associations. We know that the most cost effective way to increase profitability is retention. Even a small increase in retention can increase profitability by upwards of 75%. Imagine having the ability to not just know who is attending your conferences and who your members are, but to also understand them and their needs so you can better serve them moving forward.   

That’s just one thing that migrating to CRM system can do for your Membership Association. CRM software like Dynamics 365. A CRM system can help identify potential new members as well as reaching out to hard-to-reach Millennials and Generation Zers. It can track Social Media mentions and help you identify key influencers in the realm of your Membership Association. 

All these benefits are delivered in a fashion that will provide your staff with an ability to share information efficiently, securely and effectively.

When you’re ready to make the move to DAB, or the full Dynamics 365 platform, give our Association specialists a call!