Why you should switch to the Cloud

The truth is there isn’t much debate to be had when it comes to whether you should switch to the Cloud, as powered by Dynamics 365, from On-Premise solutions.

Think of it this way: If you were offered something that would let you do your work faster and more efficiently you wouldn’t hesitate to find out what it was. If you then found out that it could also promise to protect your work from being lost or stolen and could be archived forever you’d be desperate to find out more.

If you were finally told that it could do all of that at less cost than what you had paid in the past, you’d wonder what it was that you did to be so lucky.

But, you don’t have to be lucky. You just need to understand the benefits of switching to the Cloud.

Organizations today, have learned what the power of an online solution can bring in giving businesses a taste of transparency, flexibility and immense control over data security.

In short, the cloud is fast becoming the new normal.

So, why are businesses switching to the Cloud?

No business has the same needs or reasons to move to the Cloud. However, here are a few benefits to help you evaluate the differences between the Cloud and On-Premise.

Instant sharing from anywhere

In today’s workplace, it’s important to have an office that isn’t bound by physical walls. Your employees need to be able to share files instantly from wherever they are. With a Cloud solution, your teams can do just that. Basically, if you’ve got an internet connection you can be at work.

Automatic Software updates

If you are On-Premise your IT team has to manually install software, including vital security updates. That’s creating unnecessary work for your IT professionals, whose talents can be better used helping you grow your business.  With the Cloud, everything is done automatically.

Save money!

If you are On-Premise you have to pay for a lot of expensive software licences and you may only utilize a fraction of the program’s capabilities.  On the Cloud you only pay for exactly what you need. In short, the Cloud is cheaper.

Clarity and ease of sharing

Imagine you are On-Premise and you are doing a project that involves multiple teams in your organization. The development team needs to share a document with the marketing team. So, they send an email attachment. Marketing sends another attachment back to development and a separate instruction to the technical writer. Then the technical writer sends a document to sales who then…what was sales supposed to do with this again?

We’ve all seen that email chain. It’s inefficient and confusing and completely unnecessary if you switch to the Cloud. With the Cloud everything is a single click away from sharing and is organized in a logical, easy-to-use way.

It’s about the security, silly

Ultimately, it always comes back to security. It’s not hyperbole to suggest that a lost laptop could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. A serious security breach could bankrupt you. When you are On-Premise you are vulnerable. In the Cloud, your vital files are backed up and always secure.

There’s really no choice but to switch to the Cloud. The smart option is Dynamics 365 and the Cloud. When you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of a Cloud solution powered by Dynamics 365 give us a shout!