OmniChannel Solution

Dynamics 365 OmniChannel Solution

Omnichannel from CRM Dynamics an HSO Company provides live chat capabilities that will help resolve your customer's issues online. This includes contextual customer identification, real-time support and knowledge integration to increase the value of self-service web portals.

CRM Dynamics an HSO Company built a centralized solution that provides real time personalized support and will help your business optimize operational costs. With the Dynamics 365 OmniChannel solution your business will be able to deliver 24x7 automated customer support, save customer service costs and improve user experience.

Omnichannel for Customer Service offers a suite of capabilities that extend the power of Dynamics 365 to enable organizations to instantly connect and engage with their customers across digital messaging channels.

The OmniChannel Offering Includes:

24/7 Assistance

Microsoft AI powered Automated ChatBot  provides interactive answers 24x7x365 and can escalate to human operators when requested and when humans are unavailable

Session management

The session panel allows agents to work with multiple customer sessions simultaneously. Agents can switch between sessions without losing the context of the conversation or any customer details

360-Degree View 

The Unified Interface panel provides a single contextual view of the customer based on the current conversation.  Agents can access customer details and related case information, and they can view activities from related records from one screen

Quick access to Dynamics 365 tools

By using existing Dynamics 365 functionality, agents can access record searching, quick record creation, and agent presence information

Increase Customer Engagement

Agents can search and share contextual knowledge base articles to help customers find answers and resolve issues. Clicking the knowledge tab opens the search dialog to match relevant posts by keywords

Recording and Archiving

Transcripts of each chat will be saved to the conversation record. This provides a history of each live chat session including a timeline and details of any transfers to other agents or escalations

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Developing and deploying true omnichannel solutions are critical to the success of any organization that provides customer service to its customers

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