On-Demand Webinar for Local Governments & Municipalities 

In today's age, engaging citizens directly and creating highly personalized experiences is more important than ever before. Citizens expect government organizations to have the technology to support and address complaint issues in an intelligent and timely fashion.

The Connected Citizen Journey

Watch our Webinar recording and learn about the tools to engage your citizens throughout each step of their journey, this webinar will cover:

Citizen Portal: Improve citizen engagement with self-service portals, share relevant and personalized insights and, eliminate manual data entry by empowering citizens to engage directly

Case Management: Leveraging Dynamics 365 Customer Service, all citizen complaints, and issues can be logged, managed as a consistent process as they move through the organization from intake, first contact to successful resolution
Omni-channel chat: Employees and citizens can leverage channels such as chat and virtual agents to increase productivity & satisfaction resulting in faster case resolution and happier citizens
Dashboards: Gain insights through interactive dashboards and charts to understand data and trends in real-time and inform better decisions

Watch now to learn how to connect your citizens’ experience and empower your government agency to address requests in real-time.

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