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Find everything related to Microsoft and the partner relationship in one place and use these resources, campaigns and upcoming events to open doors, convert leads and progress opportunities through the pipeline.

A Winning Partnership

Discover our Win Wires. When clients come to us it is in search of solutions to their complex challenges. CRMD-HSO prides ourselves in our ability to take these challenges and implement success technology solutions.

Campaigns to Look Forward to

H2 Overview

Unify Your Customer Profile

D365 CE Customer Service


Unify your customer profile data with an end-to-end solution.

Drive Your Data

D365 Power Power Platform


Empower your team to drive to new destinations using Power Platform.

Unlock Your Potential

D365 CE Marketing


Inspire your marketing team to unlock automation in D365 Marketing.

A Digital Event: Real-Time vs Outbound Marketing with D365 Marketing

Join Microsoft and CRMD-HSO, a global, gold-certified Microsoft partner, for a digital event to learn the key differences between using Real-Time and Outbound Marketing in the Dynamics 365 Marketing Application.

On-Demand Webcast: People Accelerator for State & Local Government

Join Microsoft and HSO for an on-demand webcast to learn how HSO’s People Accelerator empowers your government to optimize its workforce based on a variety of attributes, from geographic location and skill set to availability and utilization limits. We’ll share how municipalities are partnering with HSO to better manage their workforce and do a live demo of the solution.

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CRM Dynamics has now been acquired by HSO. We remain one of the largest Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners in Canada. Gaining membership into the Inner Circle for 2021/2022 and winning Business Applications Partner of the Year at the Impact Awards 2021 & 2019.