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FY 2023 Q1

Scaling for Growth On-Demand Webinar 

Watch our on-demand webinar about Scaling for Growth: How cloud technology can help bring safe, compliant products to market- faster

HSO Day 

Thanks for joining HSO day. It was a pleasure connecting with everyone. Gain more information on our recent wins, materials discussed, and key takeaways. 

Credit Union Fireside Chat

Watch our captivating fireside chat. We delve into the challenges faced by credit unions and explore how HSO and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are overcoming these obstacles.

Watch our Past Webinars

DDMRP for D365 vs MRP for Supply Chain Management

In manufacturing and supply chain, Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) has been referred to as a "simpler" version of MRP,  however "simpler” doesn't always mean more impactful. Microsoft has achieved compliance with the core standards for DDMRP software and with DDMPR for Dynamics. Businesses can streamline supply chain processes, improve service levels with lower inventory and gain a reliable, fit-for-purpose planning solution. DDMRP for Dynamics delivers the answers that every Supply Chain leader needs to know: How to get the right stock, in the right place, at the right time.

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CRM Dynamics has now been acquired by HSO. We remain one of the largest Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners in Canada. Gaining membership into the Inner Circle for 2021/2022 and winning Business Applications Partner of the Year at the Impact Awards 2021 & 2019.

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