Revolutionizing Credit Unions: A Fireside Chat with HSO & Microsoft 

Invite your Credit Union Accounts to join us on February 23rd at 11:30 am EST to learn from Microsoft's Peter Goth & HSO's Rob Triggs & Wim Kana

Fireside Chat on:

Revolutionizing Credit Unions

Join us on February 23rd at 11:30 am EST to discover the Future of Credit Unions with HSO and Microsoft. Invite your accounts to attend this captivating fireside chat as we delve into the challenges faced by credit unions and explore how HSO and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are overcoming these obstacles. Gain insight into the latest innovations in the industry, and learn from our experts as they share real-life success stories and provide their perspectives on the future of credit unions and the technology they use. 

This session will be led by FSI Industry leader, Peter Goth, Managing Director of Business Applications at Microsoft, HSO’s Rob Triggs, VP of Sales & Marketing, and Wim Kana, VP of Professional Services. 

This session is designed for credit union executives, technology professionals, and those interested in learning about the latest technological advancements in the credit union industry. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from industry leaders and stay ahead of the curve in credit union digital transformation. 

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Rob Triggs ‧ VP Sales & Marketing